The Basis Of Astral Projection-icesword

Self-Improvement We often hear the phrase "we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience", and these few simple words contain significant meaning. The practice of astral projection is based on this doctrine, and though there remains controversy on whether or not the phenomena can actually take place, the fact remains that there are well-documented cases. The existence of a spiritual realm, though difficult to corral and document, is widely accepted. Astral projection is the result of learning to recognize and focus the essence of the spiritual selves contained within our earthly bodies. Simply explained, astral projection is the practice of the conscious mind traveling outside of the physical body. Some people have taken such a journey quite to their surprise, and nobody knows why this can happen sometimes without benefit of study or practice. For the most part, however, astral projection is a learned skill; one that has taken some people years of study and repeated attempts before success was experienced. Ask anyone who has experienced success and they will tell you that, without question, the path of study is worth it. Though sometimes called an alternate state of being, it can more correctly be described as an intensely focused and enlightened state of being. People who have experienced astral projection often describe it in different ways. Though there are some basic elements to the practice, the actual experiences often seem unique to each individual. Many people talk of feeling something resembling an umbilical cord running between their physical bodies and their traveling conscious minds. Others don’t report feeling or seeing a cord, but they do talk of discovering the ability to control the speed at which they travel. Some people speak of being able to journey to specific destinations, while others feel more like they are simply carried by unseen forces. A quest to experience astral projection is often begun by finding mentors; people who have been through this experience and are willing to share what they know. Visiting websites that focus on the subject, like Astral-Journey, can be beneficial. Guided meditation can help, and sometimes even hypnosis by a reputable professional who is sympathetic to the cause. It’s best to remember that the experience is a personal one, and though guides are usually necessary at first, you need to learn to trust your instincts as well when you embark on this journey. To travel beyond our physical limits is a worthy endeavor; one that many people have found to be profoundly life-changing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: