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Sports-and-Recreation The Ashes bring to mind one of the fiercest and oldest battles in the history of cricket. This event is played every year, and .prises of a test cricket series between England and Australia . The first match was played in 1877, but it wasn’t called The Ashes then. The name "Ashes" was given to this series, after the historic year in 1882, when England, for the first time, was defeated by Australia on its own soil. The defeat was followed by a satirical article published in the newspapers by a journalist, who declared that English Cricket had died, and that the body would be cremated and the ashes would be taken to Australia. There is a huge myth around an urn regarding The Ashes. After the defeat of 1882, the English team was presented with an urn, which was rumoured to contain the ashes of some cricket equipment. Others say that it was a womans veil. Many people think that this urn is the trophy presented to the winner of the Ashes, but this is not entirely true. The winning team pose with replicas of this urn, but never the original. A Waterford Crystal had been designed to look like the urn, and since 1999, this has been the official trophy of The Ashes tournament. Last year, England won the series, and is holding the cup. The winner for The Ashes 2010 , which is going to be held from 25th November this year, is rather uncertain. England and Australia have both shown excellent form in the past few events. Also, test cricket is more about strategy than about just being able to bat. It tests a team for its batting, bowling, fielding and wicket keeping strengths. It also tests the players for their patience and understanding of the game. Since each match stretches for 5 days, the players have to be in their best form, and .pletely fit. They also need to use their knowledge about the game to keep up a good and an unbeatable performance. Team work is most important. Unlike ODIs or T20 formats, a team playing test cricket cannot just rely on a single player, or its batsmen alone. It needs to have a solid understanding and unity among itself so that they can all put up a good performance. With the advent of T20 matches, test cricket seems to have almost disappeared from the pla.. But The Ashes is one event that cricket lovers all over the world wait for each year with bated breath. It does not matter that there only 2 teams playing the matches – most of the viewers are not even from these countries. But it is a real treat for cricket fans, and something that can be enjoyed over many days. The test format of cricket keeps the mystery alive, and cricket lovers from all over the world tune in to watch the matches. It is a subtle, yet an elegant style of cricket altogether. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: