The ancient Qiuci people in the eyes of the sky – Painting – borderland

Painting the sky — Mid Autumn Festival is approaching the ancient Qiuci people’s eyes — and went to Huaiyuan in the days of the moon. When you look at the sky, looking at the moon and the stars, you know what you see is the most distant planet billions of light-years away, and they are the same as the cosmic sun; you know that the earth revolves around the sun, and the moon is a satellite orbiting around the earth. You might even think of galaxies and nebulae. But when the sky when they are different from modern psychology, their world outlook, world outlook reflects the cultural background, but also reflects the eyes of the sky. The thirty-eighth Cave Room top coupons "day map"               in the view of the ancients, the brightest star in the sky, a sun, a moon, the light of the day, the night to bring the light. The ancients believed that the moon is the most massive stars in the sky, the stars around the moon, "zhongxinggongyue". In the eyes of the ancients, the moon is not without life. The moon is full of vitality, as the illuminant sky the brightest, most large, the moon is the universal object of worship in ancient times, and has become the eternal theme of primitive myths and legends, which appeared in the moon, and Chinese myth story for having heard it many times the moon, Wu Gang GUI etc.. In the ancient civilization of China and foreign countries, the moon also has some connection with the rabbit. The ancient Qiuci people in the eyes of the moon, also lived a fairy rabbit. The new 1 after the cave room top coupons "mid rabbit"               ancient Qiuci people in the eyes of the sky, the universe, reflected in the center column of Qiuci Grottoes Cave Room top coupons ridge "day map". "Day map" is located on both sides of the diamond mountain top coupons Jiazhi, strip on the top of the cave, and often painted on the end of month end, painting, performance of the sun, the moon is often painted in a white rabbit, wrapped in the shadow in the round. "Day map" is also often draw the rain god to summon wind and call for rain, clouds of sand snake to throughput performance; Aeolus bare body, hands holding the cloth, hair, cloth with Peng, to show the strength of the wind; the mysterious Garuda flying in the sky, in the mouth with the snake, the snake in the central body in the sky there are many saints tangles; resist empty flight, showing amazing supernatural powers, they, a crutch, a wandering world appearance, body painted wavy flame or water, this is achieved after liberation "out of the fire" God; there is also flying geese, riding goose monks etc.. The new 1 cave corridor left top coupons "Rain God" the thirty-eighth Cave Room top coupons "Aeolus"               "day map" shows the characteristics as Qiuci cultural exchange station. "Month rabbit" legend, "Chu Ci in heaven"?: "he is dead and luminous, yo? Levi and Gu Jue, a tiger in the abdomen?" "White rabbit" in the Han Dynasty相关的主题文章: