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Pets As we quickly head into Thanksgiving this Thursday, we at Advantage Pet Center want to wish you and your pets a happy and safe holiday. With that in mind, we’d like to remind pet owners of a few very critical mistakes you can make with your beloved companions this weekend. Turkey and ham bones: Despite what some people try to say, giving Spot or Whiskers the bones from your turkey or ham could have detrimental impacts on their health. These bones could fragment while they are being chewed, and lodge themselves in the mouth, throat, stomach, or other areas of the digestive track. This can lead to tears and punctures, causing internal bleeding. Chocolate: While we enjoy a sweet treat every now and again, these can be dangerous for our pets. Especially true is chocolate and dogs. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine which, according to PetMD, can be toxic to our companions. Keep your sweets well out of the reach of your animals, and stored in such a way they cannot get into it. Table Scraps: Some pets enjoy the spoils of the table scraps (fat, vegetables, bread, etc). While this may bring immediate pleasure to your dog, the fatty foods can be especially upsetting to your animal. It is best to keep your companion on their normal diet as much as possible. Keep An Eye Open For Trouble Like children, our animals cannot tell us when they aren’t feeling well or what may be wrong. Here are three distinct clues they may have eaten something they should not have: Diarrhea – If your animal is experiencing diarrhea, there’s a good chance they’ve gotten into something they shouldn’t. A tell-tale sign they may have gotten a bone is blood in the diarrhea. If you see this, seek the advice of your veterinarian immediately. For smaller dogs and cats, we recommend taking your animal immediately to your veterinarian or an urgent care clinic as this can quickly cause dehydration and sever health problems. Vomiting – If they start trying to eat grass, or are vomiting, this is a good sign something is not working well with their stomach. If there is blood, or you have a small animal, seek immediate veterinary care. If you have a larger dog and there is no blood, consult with your veterinarian. Odd Behavior – Like small children, one of the first signs you’ll see that your pet is not feeling well is odd behavior. This can manifest itself as uncharacteristic aggression and lethargy. If you see your pet acting oddly, keep a watchful eye on them, and if it doesn’t improve over 24 hours, consult your veterinarian. Helping Your Animal Through The Holidays While most of us enjoy having company or gathering with family and friends for the holidays, these activities can be especially stressful on our animals. Consider two options this holiday season to help your pet get through happily and safely: Short-Term Pet Boarding – Consider boarding your pet for a night while you’re away or entertaining. This helps alleviate stress of being lonely or having too many strangers around. It also keeps your pet safe from getting into things they shouldn’t. Doggie Daycare – For our dog lovers, consider a day of doggie daycare before the festivities kick off. This allows your best friend to expend some of their energy before the company arrives while getting much needed socialization. Doing so will help him be better behaved while you do have company. Here’s to a happy and safe Thanksgiving from your friends at Advantage Pet Center. About the Author: Owner of Advantage Pet Center , Ann Stewart has the pleasure of working with dogs, cats, lizards, and guinea pigs, just to name a few, by offering doggie daycare, cat and dog grooming, and pet boarding for all varieties of pets. Ann is continually looking for ways to help the owners of these animals maintain a happy home for the entire family. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Pets 相关的主题文章: