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Thailand mother and child to Chinese tourists to sell zero yuan into a number of Chinese tourists travel through the Suspect Zero yuan travel to thailand. (source: "Bangkok post") China daily on 14 September, (Intern Li Yaning) according to the "Bangkok post" reported on September 14th, the Bangkok criminal court sentenced in September 13th to a Bangkok mother of 12 days detention, charges of illegal operations and provide a "zero yuan Tour" to China tourists profiteering. Vanessa Rodrigues Ron S (Nisa suspects · Rojrungrangsi) is the general manager of the Royal Park Company, aged 61. She will be temporarily detained in the central prison and the woman; his son, 26 year old general manager of OA transportation company Vasula Te (Wasurat) will be sent to Bangkok Lehmann prison (Bangkok Remand Prison). September 12th morning, two people were brought to the Thailand Bangkok police station for questioning phayathai. Police said they had been approved by the court, the mother and son will be detained for at least 12 days during the trial. If the police want to extend the trial, it is necessary to apply for the trial in September 24th, or the two must be released. The mother and child were formally charged with illegal travel services, destruction of the national tourism industry, money laundering, two people have refused to plead guilty. The police then brought it to the criminal court in the Phi Phi road and submitted an application to the court for further investigation. Investigators plan to ask at least 40 witnesses and trace the company’s past financial transactions and financial records. The suspect relatives asked the police to release two people, and is willing to provide each 2 million baht (about 380 thousand yuan) bail. The court ruled that two people were detained in order to prevent the flight of two people or bribe witnesses. Last week, the anti money laundering office ordered the confiscation of the parent company, including 2000 tour buses, a total of 10 billion baht (about 1 billion 900 million yuan) of the property. Authorities said that the mother and child running the country’s largest zero yuan tour network. The company lured Chinese tourists into paying all the expenses in Thailand, including accommodation, meals and tours. But the police said that these tourism projects have one thing in common, that is, forced shopping. These carefully selected shops sell jewelry, handbags, silk goods, Snake Drugs and other souvenirs, the price is more than the actual value. Travel agents, drivers and tour guides earn rebates. Police said, zero yuan tour company also put pressure on other stores, forcing them not to sell similar goods. Reported that the mother and son through the organization similar to zero yuan tour project became a billionaire. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: