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File on time. Corporations are due by March 15th for calendar year ends, partnerships are due by April 15th and individuals are due by April 15th. If you cant file on time, you must arrange for an extension. Provide the tax preparer with the needed information to file the appropriate extension forms on your behalf. This information will include your name, address, social security number and estimated taxes due. Open a file folder each year such as Taxes 2008 and file all appropriate documents in there as you receive them. Once they are all collected up, bring the whole file to your tax preparer. – Income Items W2 forms for employment Social security and pension income Any partnership income from the partnership tax return Any business income for a corporation Any self employed income Investment income or losses stocks, bonds, etc Alimony income Sale of real estate Miscellaneous income such as jury duty, gambling winnings, state income tax refunds, etc. – Expenses and deductions Any self employed expenses relating to the earning of income Purchase of assets for the purpose of earning income Home mortgage interest If your business operates out of your residence, collect up all expenses and determine the percentage used for business only vs personal Auto expenses Education expenses Child care expenses Charitable donations and gifts Medical expenses Changes in dependents such as births or deaths Alimony paid IRA, Keogh & other retirement plan contributions Any miscellaneous expenses that qualify as a deduction The income side of the ledger is the easiest part to compute. The hard part is to determine which disbursements are legitimate deductions that you can claim. If you are not sure about a deduction, bring the information to your tax preparer for assistance. When you have high income or a complex return you will want to utilize a tax attorney or tax accountant to prepare your return. They are experts at digging out every last deduction that you can legally claim. They can also help you plan for future years to minimize your taxes. John Spurgeon is a tax attorney in Pasadena, California servicing clients in the greater Los Angeles area. John Spurgeon & Associates, who are both tax attorneys and CPAs, offer a complimentary initial consultation. Please call 626-440-9518. About John Spurgeon & Associates About the Author: John Spurgeon is a native and resident of Pasadena, California. He is a father of eight and a grandfather of seven. 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