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Tan Sitong’s former residence in Beijing jinqiaohuo dilapidated original title: Beijing people in the eyes of the housing from the former residence of Tan Sitong dilapidated housing in the eyes of the "consumer goods" Beijing Tan Sitong’s former residence door and aisle. Shangguan photo Beijing, Beijing, September 21, 1898 (Shangguan), "one of the six gentlemen" Tan Sitong was killed in Beijing Caishikou, now Beijing is the former residence of Tan Sitong, he was arrested in Liuyang hall. Recently, the reporter visited here, found this place has become the residence of nearby residents in dilapidated tenements; and because of its superior geographical position, which Sidaluanjian small house rent a consumer goods in people’s eyes "". Packed with Sidaluanjian cottage former residence of Beijing Tan Sitong’s former residence is located in the northern part of the alley, compared with around the dilapidated edifice, especially. When reporters visited, enjoy an old man sitting next to the door of the court. Face asked, she shook his head: "it is a cultural sign in the yard as early as did what cultural relics, are home. There are about more than and 20 households, with two tenements not what". Empty plastic bottles in plastic bags, free throw in the former residence. Shangguan photo such as the old man said, go to the house door, can see the right side of the wall is lined with the meter, and the line bundle. Into the hospital without a few steps, you can smell the strange smell of sewer. "By many people, sometimes people throw garbage." Courtyard tenants Liu Li (a pseudonym) while shaking his head and said, more people, the environment is inevitable". A rough count, in a narrow space of sight and in the crowded ten small room, some old doors and windows, glass dust. Liu Li told reporters that a lot of private chaos is built, no way, not enough to live. Almost every house is connected". "When I first got here, the yard was broken. Land is land, a piece of high low, rain on the water. Then we were always looking for a brick." Liu Li reluctantly said, young people are willing to live in the building, "we’re old, so do it blind". Beijing Tan Sitong’s former residence of randomly placed debris. Shangguan photo "are looking forward to the demolition, but it was not what news." Liu Litan airway. In the eyes of the "housing supply lots of" living environment is not very good, but the former residence of Tan Sitong in the small house is some tenants in the eyes of the "consumer goods". In the words of Liu Li, is the rental of "special", "the house is almost empty. Here, the location is very good, buy food to cook what is convenient". "We are live in the front yard, back yard rented more. Having a car or a taxi." Liu Li said, as to rent a small house to one thousand and five hundred dollars a month, so some two or three people flat-share a, a person holding hundreds of dollars on the line, rather than building cheap". Her words were confirmed. Along the path to walk, to see a red lacquer door quickly, relatively clean and tidy, a middle-aged man was walking out from the inside, he said, this is the South Hospital, there are many households. Tan Sitong’s former residence in Beijing, like this small 8相关的主题文章: