Taiwan Taoyuan flight attendant shelling cal integrity is dead once again launched a new network in. baxia

Taiwan Taoyuan flight attendant shelling cal integrity is dead "once again launched a new network. In China Taiwan network October 14th news according to" Taiwan ETTV cloud "report, Taiwan Taoyuan City, Flight Attendants Union occupation 13 in Facebook released" the good faith is dead, China Airlines said in a statement. As for a collective agreement signed by China Airlines, flagrant breach bounced, 14 PM flight attendants will once again gather in China Airlines Taipei branch protest, immediately request cal performance, and that does not exclude the increased degree of resistance. They point out that in accordance with the collective agreement signed in June 24th, airlines should immediately implement the default clause, but in August China Airlines has a number of default was gradually, and play word games. The union said that as a public company, China made the worst demonstration of labor relations in Taiwan, criticized China "this is not the integrity of the behavior!" The Union believes that the two sides signed a gentleman agreement, but the means to destroy the villain. China Airlines chairman ho Xuan? Face default question, actually also said: "all over to the court". Not only does not benefit the labor relations, but also undermine the trust between employers and employees. The union said that the dispute is completely stirred up by employers, one-sided destroy Connaught, intolerable only decided to return to the streets, and to cal propaganda "in the face of such bandits acts, will only increase the degree of trade union struggle!" (Gao Xu, Taiwan, China)相关的主题文章: