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Taiwan media: Philippines prison riots Chinese drug 1 dead 2 injured – Beijing Reference News Network reported on September 29th to enter the second stage in the Philippines government crackdown on the occasion, repeating the Philippines prison riots, Chinese drug 1 killed and 2 wounded, and 1 Philippine prisoners suffered minor injuries. According to Taiwan "Central News Agency" website reported on September 28th, the Philippines Bureau of prisons deputy director of Asuncion (Rolando Asuncion) announced that Manila is located in the outskirts of partial felon prison, 28, about 7:40 in the morning riots, the Chinese drug Toni? (Tony Co) was stabbed to death xu. The other 1 Chinese drug Peter? (Peter Co) and Vincent Xu Shi (Vicente Sy)? Were seriously injured, including Peter? A critical condition; the Philippine prison (Jaybee Sebastian) Basiti plug Ann and Donel (Clarence Dongail) minor. Asuncion, East Eyre former police, after kidnapping murder in prison, he learned that the Chinese drug traffickers in prison drug, worried that if the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked will make the whole prison have been implicated, so go to stop, the outbreak of the conflict of two factions. The injured Peter Xu? Is considered to be Philippines’s largest drug, and an Basiti plug is currently used by the government to former justice minister accused of harboring drug transactions involving the witness. Asuncion said at the time. A mess, who stabbed who? And why are there drugs and weapons? Have yet to be further investigated. Philippines police crackdown has entered the second stage, with "high value targets" for mopping up object. The evening of August 11th, Metro Manila Paranaque city (Paranaque) prison bombing in 10 was called to the warden room prisoners death, including 2 people in mainland Chinese. Of the 10 prisoners, 8 were jailed for the drug case. 2 days later, the southern Davao prison and penal farm (DPPF) occurred in Philippines prison stabbed to death 2 people in mainland and the 1 Hongkong event. 3 of the dead were drug-related imprisonment.相关的主题文章: