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Taiwan authorities really can attract mainland tourists? – Taiwan Channel – People’s network of Taipei tourism. (picture) by the Taiwan authorities does not recognize the "92 consensus" cross-strait relations caused by cold, mainland tourists travel to Taiwan number and less, has a serious impact on the island’s tourism industry. According to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan hotel restaurants, spa, tour, theme parks, night markets and other 13 industrial associations have formed a million tourism industry self-help will take to the streets to protest in September 12th. The emphasis has been on the Taiwan authorities to develop the Southeast Asian and European and American customers, suddenly announced plans to expand the mainland market, surprising. For the first time, the industry’s massive protests reported that the "millions of tourism industry self-help" protest, is the first time in the history of Taiwan tourism industry launched a large-scale protests. The industry is currently estimated that at least 20 thousand relevant industry practitioners will gather to participate in the parade. The tour guild claimed will launch 1000 tour bus to the scene to protest. According to the "ministry" statistics, in July this year, the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan has approximately 299 thousand people, more than 20 thousand more than in June, but the summer is mainly the number of visitors more, if compared with the same period last year decreased by about 53 thousand times, greatly reduced 15%, the largest decline is the opening of mainland tourists after. Mainland tourists to reduce the tourism industry is the main reason for the industry unsustainable livelihoods launched large-scale protests, the industry has repeatedly petition, but has been unable to meet the market back to temperature, and decided to take to the streets. The new government will go to the open land market for Taiwan "China times" reported that in August 30th Taiwan’s "Executive Yuan" will listen to the Ministry of transportation proposed to expand the mainland market plan, the Taiwan authorities will take the initiative to release the group, to ease the benign atmosphere of tourism, through the media and new media, such as network reds, micro-blog, QQ and the blog marketing Taiwan tourism products, and information dissemination of Taiwan tour tourism specific improvement measures. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, the Taiwan Ministry of Transportation Bureau invited 29 industry meeting to discuss countermeasures to reduce the land off. Deputy director of the Tourism Bureau Zhang Xicong said after the meeting, to the current land to 8 days and nights to travel based, quality of tourism caused by the challenge; the future intends to push the 5 day and 4 nights of regional travel, hoping to improve the quality. According to the "Taiwan news" reported that Taiwan’s Executive Yuan Councillor Zhang Jingsen has instructed the Bureau within two weeks of mainland tourists market expansion plan, and the Tourism Bureau also plans to visit mainland tourists and the development folk associations in the near future. Taiwan’s "commercial times" said that the development of tourism in China, this is the first time since Cai Yingwen took office. No trust, how showmanship according to reports, Taiwan’s Executive Yuan spokesman Tong Zhenyuan said recently, to promote the mainland tourists is the established policy. Lu to Taiwan in addition to helping the development of tourism related industries, but also to promote the positive interaction between people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, the authorities welcomed the tourists to Taiwan tourism position unchanged. Tong Zhenyuan said, "the Tourism Bureau will combine the recent folk association delegation visited the main land units and provinces to illustrate the marketing promotion, Lu Fang welcome to Taiwan peace brigade)相关的主题文章: