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Ta Kung Pao: Huoerguosi West – the epitome of variable refractive development of Beijing, Beijing, October 25, Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" 25, the article said, there is a small town in the Kazakh border, called Huoerguosi. In the Mongolian language, meaning "camel through the place". In 1993, the author had been here on business. 23 years later, with the Taiwan and Hongkong Taiwan media in Hong Kong media director of the Xinjiang delegation visit again, also be revisited. Time flies, Time flies like a shuttle., town or the original town, but is not the same, not the same face. Huoerguosi reflects a microcosm of China’s western development. Article excerpts are as follows: in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Huoerguosi is an important stopover ancient Silk Road to the north. The last century at the beginning of 90s, Kazakhstan border just rise. At that time, although it has returned to life, but today is far from a grade. 23 years ago, after Huoerguosi, the desert island is still left the impression. The memory of the The imprint is engraved on my heart. is a cold, cold wind and snow blowing, a few minutes had reached the limit of human endurance. Local people said that this is a "wind", the winter wind will be blowing every day for several months. A lonely road connected on both sides, bungalow, border and customs in knots around heating on the hearth, the street full of parked trucks to be seized. Look around, I had a sense of the vicissitudes of the ancient post station. Now Huoerguosi is no longer a border checkpoint. The way Huoerguosi has become Chinese along the West open bridgehead, has become China’s western Eurasian Continental Bridge, only has road, railway, aviation and pipeline "four in one" comprehensive international hub. From the traffic point of view, "the west" project starting from Lianyungang, a West, by the Huoerguosi exit, to Russia and St Petersburg, the highway length of more than 8 thousand kilometers, across the Eurasian continent, the ancient silk road full of vitality. In the railway traffic, from Lianyungang to Amsterdam by the end of 2012, the Eurasian Continental Bridge officially opened, the first trip freight train from Lianyungang departure, after the entry of Huoerguosi Kazakhstan, to the heart of europe. This is the new Eurasian Continental Bridge in the Kazakh Alashankou railway line, China’s second open to the west of the international railway channel, but also to China’s opening to the West and a golden channel". Aviation, Huocheng in areas where the Yining Airport is to build for the Asia International airport. The energy pipeline, Central Asia natural gas pipeline 1833 km through Huoerguosi entry, annual gas transmission capacity of 300 cubic meters to 40 billion cubic meters, in the territory of our country is connected with the west east pipeline, can ensure that the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta along the four hundred million population living fuel supply, far to Hongkong. The local people in Xinjiang are turning to the fast development of the said, if a place for a long time not to go, there will be changes in turn the world upside down, from which, it is difficult to distinguish. Huoerguosi is a microcosm of China’s western development. (Shi Junyu)相关的主题文章: