Swordsman to Longmen company infringement case soulseek

"Swordsman" to "Longmen company" infringement trial civil acceptance notice of summons "swordsman" escort "Longmen" Huaxi Dushi Bao (client reporter Du Enhu) this year is the Shang Jing’s "swordsman" broadcast 10 anniversary. October 14th morning, the WCC reporter from Beijing was informed that: the sole is choupai "swordsman" second Beijing alliance pictures, Yizhisuzhuangjiang "Longmen" 8 joint investment company Chupin to court, claims the amount of up to 240 million yuan. It is reported that Beijing intellectual property court has accepted the case, and on October 12th in Beijing, the official hearing. In October 14th, the WCC reporter phone to contact the plaintiff Beijing union chairman, the famous TV drama film curator, "Wulin" copyright owner Hao Yaning, confirmed to the WCC reporter: does the "Longmen" 8 joint investment company produced on the court, the reason is "Longmen" in the propaganda escort tort. For the reporter, why 240 million people? So high price, can get lost?" The question, Hao Yaning responded: "Longmen escort" broadcast propaganda, using the "swordsman" influence, the "Wulin" lens clips used in the commercials, the audience misunderstanding and profit, and this behavior has not been our "Wulin biography" outside the copyright side agree. At the same time we didn’t have to pay the corresponding fees. So, in fact, they have constituted infringement. Claims 240 million yuan is based on facts. This is not the price." Hao Yaning told the WCC reporter: "I am confident in winning this lawsuit!" It is worth noting that the defendant "Longmen" is the screenwriter biaoju "swordsman" screenwriter Ning Caishen. In 2013, Ning Caishen screenwriter "hit" Longmen escort. Two familiar with the audience knows, "Longmen escort" and "Wulin" relationship between the characters is cut and chaotic". It is reported that Beijing intellectual property court has accepted the lawsuit, and in October 12th has been officially held in Beijing. But the court did not make a judgment on the case at the scene. Hao Yaning can get 240 million astronomical compensation? Is still unknown. In 2013, the Beijing union pictures chairman Hao Yaning as the movie "swordsman" one of the investors, because of investment cooperation and return the movie "swordsman" into matters, sued the Film Group Corp’s Chinese production company, claims nearly 100 million. The case for three years, finally in June this year, the Beijing intermediate court ruling, Beijing alliance won awarded nearly 5 million pictures.相关的主题文章: