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The operation can be more dignity health – Sohu original title: the operation can more dignity — a uterine myoma surgery online booking trip (source: Chinese Health Network): a doctor, I do not believe that the small hospital medicine, Beijing three hospital and let me doctor nowhere. Hard day seems endless. 2014 physical examination, said the uterus under a small fibroids, 2 cm, the doctor said not to deal with. So I didn’t manage it again. Because already 29 years old, so anxious to have children, has been pregnant, but has been pregnant. I was pregnant for 2 years. Can be the cause of flesh tumour cause infecund? Charles does not know, frighten a check, the myoma now has 7 centimeters. The doctor said surgery, in order to seek insurance, it is recommended to open surgery. I am very worried, the doctor said that my FSH value is high, ovarian function is not very good, want to seize the time to pregnancy. But if the operation, open surgery trauma, 1 years can not be pregnant. I can’t wait for this time. Is there a relatively small way of trauma? In order to seek better medical conditions, I came to Beijing for treatment. Hope that the updated technology can bring me hope. Unexpectedly, the three major hospitals in Beijing are. I got up so early that I didn’t even get the number. In the Internet to find a variety of channels, there is no immediate appointment. The number of dealers kept swinging in front "to number? Do you want a number?" I feel a burst of humiliation, I this is come to see a doctor, why even a normal number can not hang it? The whole day, almost all in the crowd to wear to wear, not to eat a good meal, drink water, cramped in panic. The doctor is only so stuck? In the end, I bought the number from the dealer. Not easy to see a doctor, the doctor asked only a few words, you want me to do the inspection. B ultrasound, blood, do not know why to do this check. In the end, the doctor gave me the same advice. But now beds tense, when to be admitted to the hospital to do surgery to empty out. The doctor did not give a zhunxin, I feel more confused. If open surgery, must be a major event, but also to find someone to take care of, the work will be greatly affected. Originally because the matter has been very painful fibroids, and did not expect even surgery can not do so, I was anxious to cry. See the doctor Gong Xiaoming Gong issued an article "for a difficult uterine leiomyoma patients" results, he is to patients with uterine fibroids removed things about. After looking very shocked, 39 years old, 7.9CM Gong fibroids, made her doctor still with laparoscopy. The paper also compared several different treatment options, such as drug therapy, high intensity focused ultrasound treatment, laparoscopic surgery and open surgery. I think I’m younger and I’m a little smaller, and I should be able to do this with laparoscopy. Can you please give me Gong doctor to do the surgery, but I believe others do surgery. To leave the reservation information Gong the doctor, I added assistant, assistant told me I’d better let the doctor Gong assess surgery again. I think so, but the doctor did not arrange the Gong in the near future.相关的主题文章: