Sun Yang quit true man exposed reality show by playing Yang Mi speak sunny came home

Sun Yang quit true man exposed reality show by playing Yang Mi talked about the exposure of the reality of the show by relying on the role of the show, said Yang Mi, Sun Yang. According to Taiwan media reports, the military theme TV show "real man" second quarter full topic, there is a glimmer of actress Yang Mi, the Olympic gold medal swimmer Sun Yang join, launch a program, topic, ratings are enthusiastic response, but Sun Yang has recently called to exit, also issued a document on the detonation gun show, he was repeatedly fooled (play then delete seconds). In this regard, the program partner Yang Mi also responded. Sun Yang micro-blog screenshot swimmer Sun Yang fought in the entertainment circle, joined the reality show "real man", the experience of harsh military training and Yang Mi, Liyan Tong, Huang Zitao et al., program scene after the launch, the ratings brisk performance, but the real scholar to the second set, Yang Quexuan sun will temporarily "real man" cloth, and he pushed out of the top thanks to exposure suspect program content, although the document has been deleted seconds, still sparked heated debate. Yang Mi, who attended the fashion night yesterday, said that everyone in the army was very hard and paid a lot of money, but did you mention the show? Yang Mi said, I do not know the true idea of Sun Yang’s heart, but for me, is the real training, really sweat, every drop of sweat is true".相关的主题文章: