Suixian, Henan kindergarten school bus collided with the official notification of 13 people were inj yvette yates

Henan Suixian nursery school bus collided with a truck official 13 injured – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Zuo Yan Katie Cheng Yuanyuan Yan Wang Yu Intern Wang Yongxian) today about 8:40 in the morning, Shangqiu City, Suixian province Henan a kindergarten school bus collided with a truck. According to the official notification of Suixian, the accident caused 13 people were injured, including 2 seriously injured. The driver has been controlled. Suixian people Choi told the Beijing News reporter: in the morning to send their children to school on the road, saw the intersection crash, a lot of children bleeding." 9 am today, Mr. Cai in the intersection to see a yellow school bus collided with a truck, bus severely damaged, there are people thrown out of the bus. Live video users released a straight yellow bus coming and lateral truck collided at the crossroads. The picture is visible, the two car was moving fast collision dynamics, truck rollover, goods scattered on the ground, the bus side knocked out obvious depression. In addition, when the collision occurs, the school bus on the right side of the car window, suspected of being ejected. Friends released photos show that the school bus are about 5 years old children, ambulance workers will be a face of blood was raised to save the boy. About 11:40 in the morning, the Suixian government official micro-blog news release, September 22nd at 8:53 in the morning, in Suixian Taishan road and road intersection with the revitalization of a traffic accident, a car traveling from east to west of the bus collided with a car traveling from north to south of the small truck, killing 13 people were injured, 2 of them seriously. The driver has been controlled. Suixian Propaganda Department official said, after media reports of a "accident caused 6 dead 28 injured" message is not verified, the relevant working group has been rushed to the hospital to investigate and understand the situation, most of the injured students for kindergarten. According to the Beijing News reporter, two car collision, yellow vehicles in Suixian Chengguan town kindergarten, is a 37 seat yellow diesel vehicles, 2013 registration, and another truck, 11 years of record, illegal unprocessed state.相关的主题文章: