South Korean actress Lee Young-Ae has accused the court sentenced the other tree stolen false Beijin xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

South Korean actress Lee Young-Ae has accused the court sentenced the other false – tree stolen Beijing Beijing on 7 September, according to Taiwan’s "Chinese times" news, "dachangjin" Lee Young-Ae 2009 married before her career has been very influential, it is worth adding to the rich rich, naturally do not have to make a living, so Lee Young-Ae almost stop actors work, with her husband and child is heavy, and the recent drama addiction attack finally returned for shooting "shirentang, light" Diary of her, he was accused of stealing the tree, fortunately, a South Korean court sentenced him for her vindication, false accusation. According to reports, a man surnamed Wu in October 2012 and signed a real estate operation agreement, and Lee Young-Ae in the portrait right and right well-known in the agreement signed, after the man surnamed Wu said a two pine Pavilion, you have installed Gyeonggi Do Yang ground 3 street and big pine trees the ownership of goods, and these things are Lee Young-Ae steal, lawyers said Lee Young-Ae pine had moved only in Wu men within the scope of the land, is a Street Pavilion with private owners to self own land, nothing to do with Lee Young-Ae, after Lee Young-Ae Wu Nan accused of recrimination. The Seoul District Court concluded yesterday, said: "Wu will have a public image of social commentary, likes and dislikes sensitive well-known artists and events within the narrow, theft crime is very harsh accuse each other, so the final judgment", a man surnamed Wu Jian ban a year, two years probation, 200 hours of community service, but also people’s is Lee Young-Ae a fair beauty.相关的主题文章: