South Korea 24 year old park idol actor was arrested drug identity exposure

The 24 year old Park South Korea idol actor was arrested for drug abuse exposure 24 years old identity Park idol actor was arrested drug users compared to park longxiu, debuted in 2010 group "co ed" of the former members of the Qiang Hao Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the Korean entertainment industry 13, shocked by the news of a 24 year old idol actor for park a toxic product was arrested, and other 8 smokers, 2 medicine head, a total of 11 people were brought back to the police station, a hot, and the artist news code picture, after the comparison, found to be "Group Co ed" former members of qianghao. According to the "KBS News" report, the local police in Seoul today to marijuana trafficking and other crimes and violations too successfully arrested 11 people, a 24 year old idol singer surnamed Park actors in this wave of the list, but there are still 2 medicine head on the lam. It is reported that the actor surnamed Park 2015 had for trying to smuggle K his life back to Korea, but after being found at the airport and was included in the watch list, and from his hair and urine, has found marijuana, ecstasy, K his life positive reaction. The actor surnamed Park in the news picture mosaic, after the comparison, find out is called Portsmouth longxiu, debuted in 2010 "Group Co ed" former members of strong Hao, he had a group activity after 11 months, then to stardom and concentrate on the development of League, and renamed the car column he, 2013 once Kim Su Hyon and [micro-blog] Stewart film "the great hidden", but because of the movie by public opinion frantically, finally he starred in the deleted fragments of light, and now retired was involved in a drug scandal in front of everyone, so fans would sigh. (commissioning editor: rice)相关的主题文章: