Song Dongye suspected to buy drugs out of fear of SMS has 3 years history of drug abuse-mia farrow

Song Dongye suspected to buy drugs out of fear of SMS has 3 years history of drug abuse Dongye song net exposure suspected song Dongye buy drugs SMS content Sina entertainment news network broke the news that with the song "Miss Dong" popular folk singer Song Dongye was arrested on suspicion of drug use last night, the message is then confirmed by the Beijing News and other media. The reports of the masses, the police arrested Song Dongye in the Chaoyang North Road, a district, and seized 80 grams of cannabis. The news quickly spread, then Song Dongye sent to a suspected drug traffickers to buy drugs SMS screenshot exposure, and this photo was exposed in 2013, suspected that the song Dongye not short history of drug abuse. In this photo exposure SMS screenshot, Song Dongye send text messages called "Hello, I’m thirteen Yao’s friend Song Dongye, want to buy it from you", although the content of the message to an abrupt end, but it is said that Song Dongye sent to drug drug purchase message, while mentioned in the text of the thirteen, also a well-known folk singer, is also a member of Song Dongye’s folk organization "sesame leaf". The information and screenshots as early as 2013 were exposed, and if their "buy poison" information is true, I’m afraid Song Dongye already has three years of history of drug abuse, and in 2014 it was said in an interview "star drug is not so serious, or can be corrected". Subsequently, the media confirmed that the number of this text is sent to the outside world circulated Song Dongye’s own number. The media gave the number to send SMS confirmation of drugs was arrested, was "tell them that is not possible, for I called them" the reply, then once again call the phone is always busy. Song Dongye brokerage company modern sky staff after the event, has responded that the matter did not know, song Dongye just newly married wife Zhao Xiaolu is in response to reporters call said on the matter is not clear. It is reported that the current Song Dongye because of drug-related police control, the case is still under further interrogation. (the Jiang Shunfa) statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: