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Spirituality Lets learn about a definition of constellation! A constellation is a plenty of stars that creates a specific shape and name on the sky. According to the astrologers, they have found 88 constellations that you can observe easily from the Earth. Among, they also point out 12 Zodiac constellations that we often called 12 Zodiac signs. Virgo Constellation Mythology The Virgo constellation location is at the center of Libra (the West), Coma Berenice and Bootes (the North), the Leo (the East), and Hydra and Crater (the South). So, you can define it with ease when observing from the Earth. In addition, its regarded as the 2nd largest constellation. The astrologers compare it as a picture of a virginal maiden. Thats the reason this constellation comes with the Virgos name. Behind this constellation, you can cover many tales, fantasies, and mythologies. The Virgos image is described as the symbolization of various Goddesses in some cultures. To the Romans, they thought that the Virgo is the image of Ceres the Goddess of crops and fields. To the Greeks, the Virgo was compared with Astrea or Dike. Meanwhile, the Babylonians reckoned that the Virgo was related to Ishtar the Goddes of procreation. In some other countries, its described with other Goddesses of Iris, Erigone, and Persephone. Why dont you read a piece of short story about the Goddess of Persephone? Try to read now! Persephone was a daughter of Zeus and Memeter. However, she was kidnapped and caught underground when she was born. Her mother Memeter was extremely angry, so she decided to punish the Earth by create terrible droughts. So, Zeus decided to interfere by allowing Persephone to live a half of time in the Earth and then turn back with her mother. Because of that, all turn back to the most natural state. Hence, people reckoned that the amount of time that Persephone resided in the Earth is about August and September. What is Virgo Zodiac sign? The Virgo is at the 6th position in the Horoscope. It signifies the maiden (as we said above) and underneath the light of Mercury. So, those people who were born between August 23rd and September 22nd will come under the Virgo zodiac sign . The Virgo people are described with particular traits as humbleness, intelligence, and timidity. Besides, they are referred to arranged and rational people. But, their natural features can, occasionally, create a hurdle in their life. Therefore, they need to recognize to know how to adjust so that they can adapt themselves to any situation, no matter what its easy or hard. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: