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So many exquisite dishes, it is made of tofu – Sohu tourism full vegetarian vegetable dish of inherit and carry forward the traditional royal flavor, different cooking and other vegetable dish, it is generally not used four seasonal vegetables, but to gluten, soybean oil as the main raw material, with letinous edodes, mushroom, bamboo shoots fungus, lotus seeds, peanuts and other accessories, with cinnamon, pepper, aniseed, fennel as seasonings, sub goods, goods volume Lucai, fried three categories. It has the weight of the North vegetables, but also the taste of fresh sweet southern food, the formation of their own unique style. The inner edge of Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone Floor vegetarian, vegetarian vegetarian Buddha, the Buddha into the heart, every vegetarian looks like crafts, made a lot of improvement based on the traditional vegetarian on the basic ingredients are made from tofu. Nanshan carved up to longevity. Pumpkin, radish, carrot as material, made after 3-4 hours. So delicate food can only see, can not eat, in fact, is the furnishings, this dish can only be used two times. Nanshan vegetarian fight, taste meat taste like coconut Rhine with coconut water for soup, there are pork, chicken, various fungi, rich nutrition in water sector row ingredients, fan-shaped swing plate, is the test of a chef’s knife work papaya yellow ear lion head, bright color, taste salty passionately devoted, this the art of carving knife work is amazing! Peach-Shaped Mantou, crystal clear, birthday is the most appropriate to eat a small gourd these three dishes together are called gods:相关的主题文章: