Small lifted back nanzu defeat Jilin suffered 2

Small lifted back nanzu defeat Jilin suffered 2 defeats Brown comeback also failed to help the Jilin team to win the new cultural reporter Chen Tao suspended for three games of Jia Barry · Brown finally returned, but he did not become the savior. Despite getting 29 points, but the Jilin Provincial Agricultural Bank of the Northeast tigers or away from home in the field of 88 to 108 lost to Shenzhen Marco Polo, after the game suffered a loss of two consecutive winning streak of two. Brown lifted the ban, but he did not enter the starting lineup. Jump, 2.06 meters tall, 2.19 meters tall Thomas won the Li Muhao, but this is only an illusion. The tiger shooting is very low, the score has fallen behind. The first section is left in the game 5 minutes 40 seconds, three match ban Jia Barry · Brown finally appeared, his teammates also intends to give him the ball. Two times before the Brown did not play their own, but in the quest to cooperate with the team, continuous pass, but opponents failed to hit. The third time, Brown finally shot strong cast three points, but also failed to hit. But this time the Shenzhen team scored all the offensive, a 8 to 0 small climax so that the Shenzhen team will score beyond. The first section is left in 2 minutes and 49 seconds, Brown mistakes by opponents, rushing to get 2 points, then the penalty 2 1, the first Brown scored 3 points. The second section of the game, Brown, and Thomas Kamulani all remain in the field, this is the first time the tiger season resorted to three foreign aid. When Brown arrived, the first is three points, and then attack the basket, and finally scored a penalty goal, fully played last season in Foshan at the 30+ level. However, Brown is brave, but the Shenzhen team is more flowers, let the tiger helpless. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the difference between the two teams even more than 20 points. Eventually, the Northeast Tiger away to 88 to 108 opponents, suffered a series of losses of two. The game Brown played 32 minutes, scored 29 points, including two ball 12 6 three pointers in 3, 6, the hit rate is good. Thomas scored 20 points, with a total of 13 rebounds. Kamlani 13. The rest of the domestic players without a single score on the double. Northeast tiger back to the next home court against Shanxi Fenjiu group. Season second home court, I hope the fans friends to cheer.  相关的主题文章: