Small German controversy with the reporter’s voice do not want to be asked not to do

With a small German debate when reporters sound: don’t ask don’t do things when reporters sound sina sports Beijing on November 16th news, London finals on the first day, Djokovic in the game against Austria star Tim because the vent hit by the referee to "lack of sports spirit" on the grounds of warning. After the news conference, the British "Daily Mirror" reporter Neil  McLeman; on the matter with the people of Serbia launched a debate. Since then, the reporter also specifically wrote comments on this incident, compiled as follows: imagine Messi or C, kicking the ball into the audience, and in the subsequent press conference declared angrily should not be asked about the matter, and that is how the scene? On Sunday in the men’s tennis, Djokovic as this happened. The world’s second hit the ball out of his box flew, flew to the O2 arena audience. After the game when I mentioned similar behavior may lead to him being disqualified, he was offended in the competition into the white hot stage, any player may vent their frustration and dissatisfaction — Djokovic saved 6 inventory, still grab seven lost the first set — but they are often in the the game will regret. The 12 Grand Slam winner is not in it, and he feels he shouldn’t be asked about it. But the problem is that this year, Djokovic has more than once did, he was in Rome and the French have fallen to shoot. When I first mentioned this topic, he looks very indignant, replied: "you are really hard to understand, you always pay attention to these things." I tried to make the conversation seem professional enough, only to be able to answer questions about his behavior — and he finally answered. If he can give me an answer at the beginning, I don’t need to repeat the question. My problem is not a small controversy in the social media, originally from the angry Djokovic fans, and then the reporter and many supporters of the fans of the Federer. Tennis always has some very loyal fans. Use words or verbal expression is considered to be a controversial point of view, certainly in the social media was a diatribe in today. Djokovic and former player Ruiz are friends, who are calling on fans to show love and peace". But on that night, I didn’t feel it. After Ruiz downturn during several months — the Paris masters appeared in Djokovic’s team also doubt — the Serbia people seem to come to London with. My first question on the sun at the pre game press conference on Friday was very reasonable. When asked whether the body and mind is ready to regain the best state, Djokovic’s answer is: "why do you say that? I keep my mind everyday." I don’t know if Djokovic feels that the British media will be interested in him at the moment, because he and Murray are now facing the end of the year the world’s first battle. Indeed, the British media will put forward some difficult questions, but the same problem will be thrown to Murray, Federer or Nadal. Everyone wants to dig相关的主题文章: