Sichuan fishermen years retreat to catch ashore 2017 Chishui river fishing in Beijing

Sichuan fishermen years retreat to catch ashore 2017 Chishui River Fishing – Beijing, Sichuan online news (reporter Li Miao Huang Dahai) the morning of August 26th, the Ministry of agriculture, the Yangtze River fishery supervision and management office and the Luzhou municipal government signed the "Yangtze River Basin of Chishui river section of Sichuan fisherman" Cooperation Framework agreement in Chengdu, officially launched the river fishermen retreat to catch ashore "work plan completed during the year, and strive to achieve a comprehensive ban of Chishui River in 2017. The fishermen in Luzhou city of Sichuan Province, Gulin, Xuyong, a total of 44 County, Hejiang three fishing vessels involved. Governments at all levels in Luzhou city through the transfer of employment, industry support, ecological compensation, social security and other policy instruments, to ensure that the Chishui River Fisherman smoothly and completed on schedule. "Fishermen can choose other occupations according to their own wishes, and government departments will provide appropriate training services." Sichuan Province Bureau of Fisheries fishery bureau director Yuan Ye said. The Yangtze River is one of the most typical ecological rivers in china. In recent years, due to hydropower engineering, quarrying, dredging waterway political, environmental pollution, overfishing and other factors, Sichuan aquatic resources have been seriously damaged. To strengthen the protection of aquatic biological resources of the Yangtze River, Sichuan in 2000 established the first Yangtze River – ray band Hejiang rare fish National Nature Reserve, and in 2005 the Chishui river will be included in the protection zone, and changed its name to the upper reaches of the Yangtze River rare fish National Nature reserve. Director of Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Fisheries Secretary foot Ping said that the implementation of the Chishui River fishermen, can contain fish resources in the Yangtze River Basin decline trend, but also can improve the fishermen’s production and life, to conserve the aquatic resources, protect the ecological environment of the waters, it is of great significance to achieve the sustainable development of fisheries.相关的主题文章: