Shot hit man yayunyuan jingfangxingju lawyer judge by the scene –

"Shot hit man" yayunyuan jingfangxingju lawyer: judge – by scene Beijing Beijing News (reporter Wang Yu) Guangdong Dongguan, after the man was hit by a Yakuan car guards killed regarding new progress. Yesterday evening, the Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a warning bulletin said, the escorts Liang Moumou xingju. The man hit the truck chase downtown was killed on October 27th at 12 am, near the city of Dongguan, Changan Wu Sha Ring Road, a man was hit by chasing Yakuan car guards shot, after the treatment died. A local live video provided by users, wearing a red shirt, his right hand holding a brick suspected man from the rear near the parked on the roadside, the body says "Chun an escort" white truck. Subsequently, the man hands to use bricks, windows bash number. Another section of the video, the hit man lying on the roadside, the escort car parked in the man left, a supercargo walk off. The same day, Changan town government issued notification on the matter said, Yakuan car executive escort mission by three road near the intersection of usha Xing, Huang man (Jiangxi) after smashing vehicles, car guards repeatedly discouraged invalid, shot lead to the injured. The guards were arrested after the incident, the guards if there is abuse of firearms incident, triggered public hot. According to the State Council issued the "full-time guards and escorts the use of firearms regulations" provisions of article fifth, "full-time guards and escorts to perform the task of guard or escort, to other means to protect the guarded objectives or escorted goods, shall not use firearms; is necessary to use guns, guard, escort goal should be based on the protection of goods for the purpose of infringement, and try to avoid or reduce casualties and property losses." By the people’s Bank of China, issued by the Ministry of public security "on the bank Shou library, escort personnel on duty in the use of weapons provisions" that the bank Shou library, escorts and delivery of cash, gold and silver and other goods vehicle drivers "personal violence, non invasion, shot not self-defense", you can use weapons, but "the first oral or warning shots". Earlier in an interview with the Beijing News reporter, Beijing Ze Yong director of law firm Wang Yongjie believes that the key lies in judging the supercargo scene when the use of firearms, if the guards in case of fire shot should not cause death, so belong to the improper use of firearms, suspected of the crime of intentional injury. Yesterday evening, Dongguan City Public Security Bureau, through its official release of micro-blog, police intelligence briefing said through the transfer of armored car and the deceased via the route of the surveillance video, visited witnessed the masses, the public security organs to find the armored car rear vehicle tachograph video and other relevant evidence, the supercargo Liang Moumou criminal law detention.相关的主题文章: