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Short course World Cup 50 female self Yuanhui Fu Zhu Menghui tied seventh champion of the women’s 50 meters from the final row seventh champion Zhu Menghui tied Fu Yuanhui Tencent sports September 30th 2016 fina short course swimming world cup contest in the water cube on the opening day of Beijing Railway Station. The women’s 50 meter freestyle final, Chinese star Fu Yuanhui in the Rio Olympic Games after the first show in 25 seconds 05 ranked seventh, Zhu Menghui and Ottesen of Denmark in 24 seconds tied champion, Zhu Menghui also created a new world youth record, Tang Yi won the runner up. Fu Yuanhui is Chinese women’s backstroke champion, 2015 World Championships in Kazan, she defied Qunfang in the women’s 50 meters backstroke, the first to win the world championship. The Rio Olympic Games women’s 100 meter backstroke, Fu Yuanhui played well, won a bronze medal. After the game, Fu Yuanhui in an interview with a "force field" shocked four, after that, she became popular on the internet. After the Olympic Games in Rio, Fu Yuanhui has been in a state of truce, and the absence of the national championship. Beijing Railway Station is a short course World Cup Yuanhui Rio Olympic Games after the first show, she chose three minors, played the lead in the women’s 50 meter freestyle, for the purpose of the game, Fu Yuanhui said: "try to find the game, because the coach group without too much emphasis on grades, so I chose three and." The women’s 50 meter freestyle preliminaries, Fu Yuanhui in the third group debut, in the game, her condition is good, swim out of 25 seconds 04, behind Ottesen of Denmark, the second ranked team, total ranked third in the finals. The first group of 30 Zhu Menghui ranked first in 24 seconds. The eight players qualify for the finals are Russia’s Lowe Petkova, Denmark, the United States otterson meri – Kate, Fu Yuanhui, Zhu Menghui and China three club players. After the start of the game, Fu Yuanhui state in general, she swam out of 25 seconds, the results of the 05 place in the top seventh. Zhu Menghui and Ottesen are tied for 24 seconds, won the championship, Tang Yi by 24 seconds 81 won the second runner up. (Ren Xin)相关的主题文章: