She is the most beautiful lotus pan, 90s dream lover, now fat enough to recognize

She is the most beautiful lotus pan, 90s dream lover, now fat enough to recognize the history of the screen, there are so few roles, who played who fire! Pan Jinlian in the water margin! As a reviled "whore", is also a no money no potential, crooked victims, interpretation of the female stars up both the pressure and challenge! Joey Wong edition. Gan Tingting version. Irene Wan version. But in many of the female stars played Pan Jinlian, the younger sister feel the most beautiful, or CCTV version of the actor who played the role of Brenda! In 1998, at the age of 26 she was part of Pan Jinlian rose to fame after almost become synonymous with Pan Jinlian, China men become lovers countless dreams, by now saying, 90s is the sexy goddess. Looks handsome, tall, is this lady hit the head, it is no wonder that one person will be fascinated by. This is uncle tease, every twinkle and smile charming. Said little sister was still in childhood to see the stage of the journey to the west. There is a radio station broadcasting to Pan Jinlian and one person to steal the sunny, shame is red… Photo studio is a variety of beauty. The play is the pinnacle of Brenda. And a successful role, the advantage is to let you remember you, the disadvantage is difficult to transcend and subversion. Brenda is a Taiwanese, then turned to the mainland development. 2000 on the show, and Gong Hanlin, Pan Changjiang played the "table" of her essays, is especially beautiful ~ television drama, also rarely played a bad woman, but the transition to the "good woman" image. In 2001, Yu Rongguang co starred in TV series "BLUELOVER". In 2004, Fan Bingbing and co starred in the TV drama "heroine Mu Guiying", starring Mu Guiying. In 2013, with Gao Shuguang cooperation "happy noodles", playing the mother, has seen the traces of the years. Last year starred in the film "hero of ancient times out of the young Mulan," is still very beautiful. And this year has spread to recognize… It should be the old saying goes, time really is a Shazhu Dao, destroyed many goddess!相关的主题文章: