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Shaoyang 4 thousand MLM major sentence involving more than 4000 yuan original title: four thousand people sentenced 30 people jailed for marketing major, pull the head to sell products, "Wei Ling Jike mall" cheated more than 4000 yuan by pulling the head of dividends, online store cash, for two years, the development of nearly 4000 members, level 49, involving more than 4000 yuan. Recently, the people’s Court of Shaoyang County of Xinshao sentenced the 30 people, such as he Hua, to organize and lead the pyramid selling campaign. Xinshao County He Hua returned to his hometown a few years ago and did business with the name of China Wei Ling science and technology holding company. He bought the engine at low prices, repaired the protective agent, anhydrous coolant and other car maintenance products and water purifiers, and sold them at a higher price. Amoy first pot of gold, he pulled a few accomplices, formulated the "norms" of the membership system, set up a website management, one of the guests to a large mall product, dedicated to new and old members of the registration level, offline relationships, sales profit, etc.. In order to lure more personnel to join in, in January 2014, he inspired others to set up Granville store in Shaoyang, and vigorously promote the company’s products. At the same time, he commissioned the establishment of Beijing Granville company in Beijing, is responsible for contact with a company in Zhejiang into the purchase of automotive maintenance products. In October of the same year, Shaoyang Wei Ling company was established in Xinshao county. Wei Ling company announced that all enrollees must pass through the old member of the company, and buy the company thousands to several million different grades of car care products, in order to become a member of the corresponding star to five-star star, corresponding to different permissions, the profits are also different. Wei Ling company provides their own development line, offline development downline belong to their own line, are by their own management, hierarchy and offline more, on-line membership profit more. 1 2015, China is not what license by the relevant departments, the listed company may not issue warrants for bait, lure more people to join the company and buy winin warrants, there are still many members did not get the pay option card. To the end of the incident, more than 3900 people participated in pyramid selling activities, level 49, involving more than 4000 yuan. In May 20, 2015, the gang was caught by the police in Xinshao, the scene seized the organization to participate in the marketing staff of 104 people. Recently, Xinshao County People’s Court on the case verdicts, Hua he committed the organization, leading the crime pyramid schemes, sentenced to nine years imprisonment, fined eight hundred thousand yuan. The other 29 defendants guilty of organizing and leading the crime pyramid schemes, were sentenced to one year to seven years and fined fifty thousand yuan to three hundred thousand yuan, to continue to recover the illegal income of all the accused has not yet recovered in place. (Sanxiang reporter Guo Chan correspondent Liu Min, Shu Ting) recommendation: Red Cross in the side to save video! 7 year old boy from Shaoyang province became 386th organ donors in Hunan Province

邵阳4千人传销大案宣判 涉案金额达4000余万元原标题:四千人传销大案宣判,30人获刑拉人头推销产品,“威凌积客商城”骗了4000余万元靠着拉人头分红,网上商城兑现,两年时间,发展会员近4000人,层级49级,涉案金额达4000余万元。近日,邵阳新邵县人民法院宣判了这起备受关注的何华等30人组织、领导传销活动一案。新邵县人何华几年前回到家乡,以中国威凌科技控股公司的名义做生意。他低价购进引擎修复保护剂、无水冷却液等汽车养护产品和净水器,再高价卖出。淘到第一桶金后,他拉来几名同伙,制订了“规范”的会员制度,建立了网站管理,其中一个影响较大的名为积客商城,专门用于登记新老会员的层级、上下线关系、销售业绩、获利等情况。为诱惑更多的人员加入,2014年1月,何华授意他人在邵阳市成立威凌专卖店,大力推广公司产品。同时,他托人在北京注册成立北京威凌公司,专门负责与浙江某公司联系进购汽车养护产品事宜。同年10月,邵阳威凌公司在新邵县成立。威凌公司对外宣称,所有入会者必须经过公司的老会员介绍,并购买公司几千到几万元不同等级的汽车养护产品,才能成为相应的一星至五星会员,星级不同对应的权限、获利等情况也不同。威凌公司规定自己发展的下线、下线发展的下线都属于自己的下线,均由自己管理,层级和下线越多,上线会员获利则越多。2015年1月,何华未经相关部门许可,以发行不可能上市的公司期权证为饵,诱骗更多的人员加入威凌公司和购买期权证,至今仍有很多会员交钱后没有拿到期权证。至案发时止,参与传销活动人员达3900余人、层级49级、涉案金额达4000余万元。2015年5月20日,该团伙在新邵被警方一网打尽,现场查获组织参与传销人员104人。近日,新邵县人民法院对该案一审宣判,何华犯组织、领导传销活动罪,判处有期徒刑九年,并处罚金人民币八十万元。其余29名被告人均因犯组织、领导传销活动罪,分别被判处有期徒刑一年至七年,并处罚金人民币五万元至三十万元,对所有被告人尚未追缴到位的非法所得继续追缴。(三湘都市报 记者 虢灿 通讯员 刘敏 贺舒婷)推荐视频: 红十字救在身边!邵阳7岁男童 成我省第386例器官捐献者相关的主题文章: