Shanxi ushered in the Internet plus quality inspection era

Shanxi ushered in the "Internet plus quality inspection" era Chinese electronic inspection and quarantine system trunk line in Shanxi Shanxi daily news (reporter Meng Ting) in September 12th, a group of organic soy products Shanxi Huichun Bean Industry Co. Ltd. exports, the Shanxi entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of examination and acceptance of a paperless customs clearance, successfully exported to the United states. Unlike the past, this batch of goods is Chinese electronic inspection and quarantine backbone system for the first time (e-CIQ backbone system) to complete customs clearance operations, took only 1 hours, marking the "wisdom of quality inspection" is a key step towards the construction in Shanxi Province, I officially ushered in the "Internet plus quality inspection" era. According to reports, the main e-CIQ system through the full integration of the inspection and Quarantine of existing resources, data and application of highly integrated system, to achieve a unified management system of inspection data, regulatory data and other business resources, improve the system of inspection and quarantine information collection, analysis, processing, dissemination and utilization ability. In the future, the province will break the boundaries of the region, with all the entry-exit inspection and quarantine departments to achieve interoperability. At the same time, the province’s foreign trade enterprises in the country can enjoy the bulletin, pass inspection, through the release, the true realization of the national inspection business deal with the one in the end, the enterprise import and export high-speed clearance. The main line of China’s electronic inspection and quarantine system is an important measure of the State Administration of quality supervision, information technology reform in 2016, aims to set up a more efficient and convenient platform for enterprises to participate in global trade. Shanxi entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau as the country’s third batch of pilot units for the province into the national inspection and quarantine clearance integration opened the last mile". In addition, in September 19th, e-CIQ trunk system will be in line with all the inspection and quarantine branches in our province, the province to achieve full coverage of the entire body of the line, deal with the full coverage of business types.相关的主题文章: