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Shanghai talent 30 interpretation of the breakthrough in the household registration policy gradient talent constantly coming, the cause of prosperity; innovation and Entrepreneurship of the ecological environment is good, talent can stay. The reporter understands, put forward a series of rules for the talents of the "30" in the introduction of overseas talent policy, the household registration policy, talent optimize business space, scientific research system, scientific research and other aspects of the use of funds, to further accelerate the innovation and the introduction of agglomeration, ensure the talents to come, stay, used well, the flow was moving. Lower threshold for foreign students, according to the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social work, compared to talent 20, talent, the implementation of a more active, more open, more effective introduction of overseas talent policy. First, foreign students to stay in Shanghai employment. Last year began to implement a pilot in the Shanghai area colleges and universities have a master degree or above, and from Zhang Jiang to Shanghai National Innovation Demonstration Zone, free trade zone (hereinafter referred to as the "dual" area) direct employment policy is relaxed to obtain a bachelor degree in Colleges and universities in Shanghai. Two is the unit employed directly in the world famous college graduates. Will allow registered in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Zhang Jiang national innovation demonstration zone of the regional headquarters of multinational companies, investment companies and foreign R & D center hired the world famous foreign university graduating with bachelor degree graduates, from two years of work experience, direct employment to shanghai. Data show that from July 1st last year, the implementation of the new deal so far, there have been 64 master degree or above for foreign students after graduation employment directly in Shanghai procedures, the new policy is relaxed, is expected to have more foreign students to enjoy the preferential policies. At the same time, the city and Social Council also said that the next step will be to actively explore in the non Shanghai area colleges and universities obtain bachelor degree or above in foreign students directly Shanghai Employment policy. Through the household registration policy gradient in recent years, Shanghai has initially formed the policy system of residence permit, residence permit to do integral permanent residence, household talent introduction, but the market found, the only mechanism recognized market evaluation, the market has not been fully played. In this regard, the city people club Bureau relevant responsible person pointed out that the talent in the "30" specific policy design, will strengthen the market orientation, mainly in salary evaluation, investment evaluation and the third evaluation (Industry Association) and other market-oriented methods cited together. In the introduction of objects, adhere to demand-oriented, focused on building a global influence innovation center needs, focusing on the introduction of five talents: entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship personnel intermediary services and risk investment management and operation personnel, senior corporate management and technical skills talents, enterprises. In the policy gradient, talent "30" will take into account the different policy needs all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship, in turn, integral at the residence of households, directly settled three policy gradient respectively breakthrough, formation of policy system, clear gradient between the introduction of innovative talent. Optimize the entrepreneurial environment of international experience shows that a good environment for innovation and entrepreneurship is an important factor to retain talent. Reporters learned that the "30" focus on optimizing the talent innovation and entrepreneurship in the ecological construction, improve the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship to broaden the financing channels, innovative business service system, personnel livable, industry environment put forward a number of policy initiatives, it omitted相关的主题文章: