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Send MV song sword pick – Sohu "Heroes entertainment arena in the day" poster [Click to enter the HD Photo]   Sohu entertainment news Web Series "heroes through the wayward days" officially scheduled September 20th Sohu exclusive broadcast video,. Recently, the film side released the song "MV" time spiral, male and female duet sword pick a seemingly made lakes disputes, full of delight and through the elements of the martial arts drama moment involved in love and hate, xiagurouchang. Love was "time spiral" staged love choices in the exposure of the MV, Liu Ritian (Jiang dragon ornaments) and in different time and space but two girls looks similar to meet, one is confident next door to the goddess sissy (generation Wenwen ornaments), a great lady is gentle and pleasant (Oriental jade Wen Wen, the two generation of ornaments) to Liu Ritian are caring silently, while carrying two people to the truth of Liu Ritian will make a choice? Another main character, the ancient oriental chic suave universal union leader Citylink (Liu Shuai ornaments) in two and also entangled Lake woman in "time" problem point vortex lyrics: "parting hook sadness, the vast dust turn heartbroken" coincidentally also echoed the two lakes woman — Yan Yufeng (Zhang Xinying ornaments) and Xu Mengshi (Yuan Baizi Hui ornaments) hand weapon "parting hook" and "the vast dust turn", which had the delicate confidante Yan Yufeng (Zhang Xinying decoration) is the east door into a target for all to betray even die in love, finally the sword, can not help but sad fate. The entire MV melodious tunes plus a moving picture, for the first time "between successive characters from the encounter to emotion and after the show, helpless and sad with all corners of the country children of blood and tears of laughter, touching. Does every man road meet comedy and eventually became the last tragedy? In addition, "Heroes day" in addition to all corners of the country children love and hate the touching story, of course, before the release of the trailer, the channel’s way to meet. The play by Jiang Long, Liu Shuai, Zhang Xinying, Wen Wen, Yuan Hui Baizi rookie to join Law Ka Ying, Cui Chengguo, Meng Yao, and other well-known actor JiangBao portrait appeared, tells the story of a young film with Kung Fu dream through the discovery in a chance encounter, after the ancient practice eventually became the heroes of the story of grinding. This is a capricious through physical network drama, comedy, martial arts and even expression package in one set, will? Wire counter attack, hero story and "a humble dare not" the ancient lakes chivalrous man to defend the spirit of Takebayashi Jungyi dripping unfolds. A special background, a group of suitable comedians, together with a spoof to the extreme of the story and witty and interesting lines together into an interesting work. With the film Kung Fu dream street? Wire counter attack a generation of heroes of the story line, can be said to Stephen Chow’s comedy "Kung Fu", "Shaolin Soccer" has the different approaches but equally satisfactory results. And in style, because of time and space brought by the cross language, plot and screen collisions have fun, is a major feature of this drama. But the combination of "time" and "MV vortex day" the characteristics of heroes, people can not help but produce such a sigh: are each a micro相关的主题文章: