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Investing Wind energy investment in Scotland is a rapidly growing market. Scotlands Electricity Department has recently announced a plan to foster wind power projects in the Western and Northern Highlands. Ofgem, the electric industry regulator mentioned that it hopes to invest more than 95 million Euros to elevate the high voltage network in an effort to generate surplus green power. The green energy power would then be exported south to England. .bining efforts with Southern Energy, a leading energy .pany in Great Britain, the initiative has allotted around 11.5million Euros for revamping their power system. The hydro-electric giants would renovate the power lines from Beauly to Mossford situated near the region of Ross-shire. Balanced energy investments would be apportioned between the National Grid and Scottish Power for beefing up their inter-connector across the boundary line. Stuart Cook, the senior partner for Smarter Grids and Governance of Ofgem, articulated that the main aim for these improvements in the electrical networks of Scotland is to handle a greater connection from the renewable energy generators. This would play a pivotal role in meeting the climate change targets of Great Britain and other European nations. Moreover, they are evaluating the business scenarios for refurbishing the networks which would help to reach this ambitious renewable energy potential. Currently, total energy investment across the United Kingdom reached around 3.9 billion Euros; this figure, however, is highly disputed especially along the novel line between Beauly to Denny. According an estimate performed by Ofgem, more than 30 billion Euros may be required to implement smart networks, assuring an uninterrupted power system. The establishment of the Beauly-Mossford project involves the power services for both lines and it would construct a new substation beside Loch Luichart. The officials of the United Kingdom have asserted that the investments furnished for the transmission network would accelerate the goals of renewable energy projects across the Northern parts of Scotland. The spokesperson for SNP Energy says the investments rendered for the Highland are warmly wel.ed and it would help to enhance the potential of renewable energy. Energy investments in the United Kingdom are crucial since they seek to attain the renewable energy targets and tackle the emission of carbon and climate change. More than 80 million Euros has been delivered by Scotland toward this endeavor, for heightening the flow of electricity between the .works of Scotland and England. Scotland shows tremendous potential for energy investments in response to these various clean energy projects as they are implemented down the road. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: