Sacked deputy magistrate of bribery over 383 of the new Renxian County District Deputy against new

Deputy magistrate of bribery over 383 million Renxian County District Deputy on the open class – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Fuzhou in September 12, a new title: sacked deputy county "the public class" Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Hongyi "is a sacked deputy magistrate is in the indictment, remind each new deputy seat: good use of their power, not overstepped!" 12, 2009, in Fuzhou City Intermediate People’s Court of the trial, one of the cadres quickly wrote on the paper to see the feelings of the trial. Accept the defendant trial is the city of Fuzhou Minhou County deputy magistrate Zhang Jianbin. He was suspected of taking bribes, on the day before by the Fuzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate to the Fuzhou City Intermediate People’s court lawsuit. The gallery, more than 30 new deputy county (city) District Court listened carefully. "From 2004 to 2015, the defendant Zhang Jianbin served as the Fuzhou city Minhou County Street Investment Zone Party committee secretary and street town Party Secretary (deputy director), the post of deputy magistrate of Fuzhou County of Minhou city and Minhou University City Project Management Service Center Director of the convenience, to seek benefits for a number of units and individuals, and accepting the unit and related personal huisong property totaling more than 3 million 830 thousand yuan." The prosecutor read the indictment shows that Zhang Jianbin as national staff, taking advantage of his position and illegally accepting other people’s property, to seek benefits for others, a huge amount, their behavior violated the criminal law, should be held criminally responsible for taking bribes. To attend the trial in Mawei District of Fuzhou City Vice Mayor Pan Dezhang said with emotion: "the discipline inspection organs of the new county leadership, honest education to attend the trial, so that my heart is very shocking. A golf card, a stack of cash hidden in the cigarette, the defendant because of the easing of its own party spirit accomplishment, on the road of crime, indeed thought-provoking." Pan Dezhang said: "as the new County deputies, we must keep a clear mind, always keep in mind their own identity, in order to" Shendu ", do a qualified party members." From the beginning of 2015, the Fuzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of Fuzhou City Intermediate People’s court jointly organized the "party members and cadres to attend the duty crime case trial activities", every year regularly carry out more than 4 times in the duty crime case trial education, and this work to the county (city) District extension. Up to now, the city, county level two Commission for Discipline Inspection has carried out a trial of educational activities for the 41 time, the organization of the city traffic system, radio and television systems and other party members and cadres of more than 2000 people were admitted to the trial of the relevant cases. Fuzhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the relevant responsible person said that the trial to choose the social impact of large, typical cases of crimes that are representative of the targeted organizations and other relevant departments or units where the same system of Party members and cadres to attend. See once have the same identity with their fellow colleagues, now because of breaking the law for trial in the dock, many cadres said, want to correct exercise of power, do alarm bells ringing, corruption.相关的主题文章: