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Rumor: eat crab Cancer? Safe and controllable, can rest assured consumption! Gansu Channel – original title: eat crab Cancer? To clarify! According to media reports, even the day, a "can’t eat crab" rumors, micro-blog, WeChat and other popular in open platform: the New York Health Bureau said the Chinese stopped to eat crab, crab, crab paste chemicals, heavy metals concentration exceed the standard, will seriously affect people’s health…… When the crabs listed, the crab can eat? Consumers: crabs can eat it? U.S. media reports quoted the staff of the New York Health Bureau, dangerous chemicals in New York waters contained mainly PCBs and two? English and CD will be accumulated in human body, it may cause birth defects and cancer, caused by hot moment. Recently, the domestic media investigation of a number of aquatic markets, aquaculture and other places, and interviewed the Municipal Academy of agriculture and forestry experts. The results confirmed that the majority of crabs are farmed, water quality and ecological environment are safe and controllable range, the rumors of the New York crab problem, but also limited to the local contaminated waters. Experts said that most of the domestic crab is farmed, can rest assured that eating. Agricultural experts: safety and quality of crab on domestic agricultural experts pointed out that the Internet is Overgeneralization too, "crab is heavy metal exceed the standard, is harmful to the human body, at least in three aspects." First, the growth of water will affect the crab. If the growth of good water, crab heavy metal content is negligible. But if it grows in polluted waters, it will naturally be contaminated. The problem with the crab is supposed to be a polluted water in New York. At present, most of the crabs are cultured in china. Compared to the wild environment, artificial breeding with controllable, if the water quality, medication and other aspects of testing qualified, the crab can be assured of eating. Secondly, analysis from the biological point of view, the most vulnerable part of the crab is not crab, crab, crab gills, but do not eat crab liver lung area. Finally depends on intake. Eat crabs with seasonal, and Crabs do not have to eat food, food intake is generally small, generally there will be no problem." (from "Huaxidoushibao") nutrition experts: a crab should not exceed 2 crab is delicious, but not to eat. Nutrition experts said, from the point of view of the value of nutrition is rich in protein, crabs, fish several times higher than the general, but also has rich trace elements, "Chinese medicine crab taste salty and cold, with heat and nourishing Yin, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis etc.." Experts suggest that people eat crabs, eat every time should be maintained at less than 2, the crab has a high cholesterol high protein, will increase the burden of gastrointestinal excess. Especially in patients with coronary heart disease, hypertension and other diseases of the elderly, younger children and patients with diabetes, kidney disease are not suitable for consumption. In edible crabs, do not eat beer, tea, persimmon, easy to cause digestive problems. In addition, eat crab at the same time, can be appropriate with some fruits and vegetables, to help metabolism and degradation of some harmful substances. About crabs)相关的主题文章: