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Ruby Lin finally admitted: I’m not good pregnant baby gender – maternal Sohu Phoenix Entertainment News Ruby Lin in July 31st in Bali Island and married Wallace Huo was pregnant at the time came the news, in Taipei in August 2nd when the new mothering feast, also did not accept media access. But at the wedding banquet, friends Jolin leak bless baby health, indirectly admitted that Ruby Lin pregnant. Ruby Lin has been pregnant for more than 4 months, in September 7th for the first time in front of the media appeared, cloak style clothing to hide the pregnancy well. Asked whether the pregnancy morning sickness? Ruby Lin smiled and said: "everything is good, is normal." As for the gender of the baby, she also said with a sweet smile: "now do not know." Since she was married for the first time appeared, the scene gathered a large number of media, the brand side is also ready to at least 3 bodyguards, surrounded by her, if the media to rely on wheat too close, will be blocked. Related reading: what time have begin? In general, about 3/4 of women will begin to appear nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy reaction at sixth weeks of pregnancy, some pregnant women will appear throughout pregnancy morning sickness. Morning sickness is a kind of early pregnancy reaction. The early response in general menopause 42 days or so, there will be nausea and vomiting symptoms such as discomfort, but the early response time and the symptoms are individual differences. Most of the women at 6 weeks pregnant when sooner or later the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, without any reason causes vomiting, even in some pregnant women at fourth weeks mean. Some pregnant women will appear throughout pregnancy morning sickness. So, what time have started it depends on the situation. Pregnant women how to alleviate morning sickness? 1, try to sleep, morning sickness itself makes the pregnant woman’s body more easily tired, and even affect the rest in the evening, when you can sleep, sleep as much as possible. 2, go out, do not always stay in the same place. 3, a small number of meals, meals can be divided into six meals a day. 4, eat a nutritious and easily digestible food, such as soup, fruit juice, milk and other liquid food. 5, water more food can reduce the burden on the stomach and prevent dehydration, such as apples, grapes, melons and so on. 6, reduce the pressure, some morning sickness from psychological discomfort, happiness and peace of mind will help ease the discomfort of morning sickness. 7, wear loose clothes, do not let anything oppress the stomach, abdomen, neck and other parts. 8. Avoid foods that make you feel sick. Put the food in the food blacklist. 9, press the "Neiguan" helps relieve symptoms of vomiting. "Neiguan" is located in the middle of the forearm, 2 inch wrist stripes, right hand three fingers together and put three fingers in the ring finger, placed on the left wrist stripes, the middle left wrist and right index finger cross point, is the "neiguan".相关的主题文章: