Ronaldo did not expect to hold the European Cup 14 finals are a bonus (video)-borderland

C Ronaldo: before did not expect to hold the European Cup 14 finals are a bonus contest, C Luo did not expect to win the Global Limited [Bugatti &] C, social media information driving cool show car; #183; Veyron sports Tencent in August 25th recently, C Ronaldo told UEFA. Com said that he had never think Portugal won the European Cup, 14 after the final is extra reward. Although the C Luo Hui, but the Portuguese star knows the fierce competition to win the European Cup, let him have special surprise: "really, I never thought that Portugal won the European cup. Before the European Cup, we’re just looking forward to Portugal can experience a pleasant journey: the contest qualify from the group, and then into the 14 finals, from all that, we all think of it as a bonus." "But the game to play a game down, I slowly began to believe it (win) is possible, eventually we deserve the trophy, our combat team, all of our players are worthy of praise." C Ronaldo thinks his teammates have done more, especially Pepe. "It seems to me that Pepe’s performance this year is particularly good, probably the best season of his career. There is no doubt that he is the best team in Portugal, is the Real Madrid (data) one of the best in the Champions League. I am very happy that he is the best in the European Cup, and in my heart, Pepe is the best player in the European cup." (Niu Niu)相关的主题文章: