Restore the real O’Sullivan 146 is a joke after retiring in ten years-running man 20130908

The reduction of the real O’Sullivan: 146 is a joke ten years after O’Sullivan retired sina sports news about the snooker, O’Sullivan is standing on top of a Pyramid man, has 5 World Championships, the 28 ranked champion, 13 times out of 147, the number of pole numbers of glory, many fans called him "snooker the Jordan". Recently, Liang Wenbo served as CCTV "Fengyun" guest host, with his idol and friend O’Sullivan dialogue, take us into the inner world of fire teacher. After winning the world championship in 2012, O’Sullivan rested for half a year, did not play a few official games, and then won the world championships in 2013. Remembering that incredible feat, O’Sullivan said, "I’m surprised myself. I have to admit that I was a little worried, everyone was watching my performance, I felt the pressure. So I told myself, as long as I win a game, I was very happy, and then won a game, more happy, and finally into the final, it is crazy. I want to play only one game in 1 years. That’s my secret." The first round of the 1997 World Championships, O’Sullivan in the match against Prince played his first pole out of 147, took only 5 minutes and 20 seconds, creating the history with the shortest of the 147, one of the most difficult to break the world record in the field of sports on foot. "Too fast that time, I was actually very panic, just want to hurry up, do not think about other, because then I have no confidence in their own heart. Now I am more confident, so more calm and enjoy. I didn’t enjoy it at all for the first 147, but I enjoyed it from 2000. Hit 147 feeling really very wonderful, Hendry said, 147 the pressure is greater than the final, because only a small mistake will come to naught." O’Sullivan currently holds 13 pole 147, history first, followed by Hendry 11. Turning to this year’s Welsh open on the 146 of the shock of the altar, said: "that is my best shot in the near future, I give up the 147, because the bonus is not high enough," said O’Sullivan. I said I would play 147 If the prize was high, and it was only about $146. I love to joke. That’s my sense of humor. The other 146 can cause everyone’s attention, everyone is asking why he did so, this is an interesting conversation, I enjoy this feeling, I love making interesting topic." But on the second day, Ding Junhui played 147 in the game against Robertson, "yes, ha, it makes me very sad, I asked him why." As for why their game will be countless fans, O’Sullivan open your heart: "I think a lot of people love by instinct to play, but think more players, like me, Higgins, Ding Junhui, you, Trump, Murphy (Liang Wenbo). People love watching us play, because we are good at attack, not deliberately think too much, one can play WOW it is. When I came to the table before, sometimes my mind only thought is to clear the table, no matter what position in each ball. Sometimes it will feel)相关的主题文章: