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Fashion-Style Details about the "Hunger Games" wedding dress have been revealed, including the designer behind the dress from the next movie. The character, Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence, is wearing a dress designed by Tex Saverio. Saverio designed Kim Kardashian and Lady Gagas wedding dresses. Trish Summerville was also in on the design, speaking with Saverio in Jakarta, Indonesia via Skype. While most of us may have a limited budget, one thing is for certain: weddings are for dreaming about g.eous dresses. Choosing the Proper Dress for your Style Strapless dresses are still one of the most popular styles of wedding dresses; however, they do not work for everyone. The chance to look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day takes time shopping at different stores until you can find the correct fit. Here are some hints to find a wedding dress that fits your body type: Unless you want to wear 4 inch heels, consider wearing a dress with a short skirt. Individuals shorter than 54 will look short in a longer dress. This is most particularly true if your legs are about the same length as your torso up to the neck. It might be harder to find gowns for rent at the proper length for your height too. A-lines are wonderful for a slim figure, and they can also be used if you are relatively proportionate. The nice thing about A-lines in dresses is how even they tend to fit from top to bottom. Peplum skirts have gained more notice recently for wedding dress trends, but they may not work for everyone. Peplum skirts offer a waist when you do not have a defined one. They can also help accentuate the rear of your dress if you decide not to wear a long veil. Do you want to Rent or Buy? Buying a dress you are never going to use again seems silly when you have a tight budget. It used to be that wedding dresses were handed down to daughters, making it worthwhile to purchase a wedding dress. This tradition, while nice, is disappearing because most brides want to wear something new or at least new in terms of current trends. Gowns for rent make it possible to have that expensive dress without it cutting into the budget. If you have always wanted to wear Vera Wang, gowns for rent is one way to make it happen. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: