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Re interpretation of luxury to test drive the new Beijing Benz E300L new Mercedes Benz E class car although the long wheelbase has been listed for a month, but it is far from the heat elimination. The new family style, Maybach S class (with the Senate, pictures, inquiries) of the extension, fashion, luxury interior and 9 speed gearbox to join, so it has a very comprehensive upgrade. And Mercedes Benz brand value for many consumers also have a full appeal, but it is such a popular models, whether it is so people look forward to? Let us through the day of the test, to find the answer. The 2016 Beijing auto show: one minute to read a new generation of domestic Benz E class Benz E (ginseng, pictures, historical inquiry): Today Benz manufacturers will be the ten generation of E models are brought to us, we feel the models of the heavy sense of history. So before we talk about a new generation of Mercedes Benz E class, we first look back on the history of the E sedan models. If you want to trace it, before the five generation Mercedes Benz E class is not named as "E", and the E class name until 1993 was formally identified, has been developed to the fifth generation. However, after all, the name is just a code, so we immediately look at the ten generation models change. The first generation of E: W136 W1911947 the traditional road traffic field but also the birth of a legend "figures" – Benz 170V, as the first contemporary Mercedes Benz mid-range models, laid the foundation for the future development of E. Second generation E class: W120 W1211953 the first use of the design of the car body of the three compartment, the use of load-bearing body structure. The Trident logo is replaced by a detachable design that reduces pedestrian injury when the vehicle collides with pedestrians. The third generation of E: W1101961 in the world, the first to use the concept of the collapse of the body safety, enhance the passive safety. This is a three – piece body structure, before and after the deformation zone, when the collision occurs, the impact force through the effective deformation path. The fourth generation of E W115 W1141968 with its concise design style, the W114 W115 series models even on today, still be regarded as a modern and elegant (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and this generation models, total sales reached about 900000 units. The fifth generation of E: W1231976 launched models using wedge-shaped body, shape is like a narrow version of the S sedan. It is worth mentioning that the W123 series has also been introduced in CKD by Changchun FAW domestic, a total of 828 vehicles. The sixth generation E level: W1241984 launched in followed the same period of S class style, and in the middle of the year in 1993 after the change, formally established the "E-Class" brand new car. The seventh generation of E: W2101995 years, the shape of the four round headlamps became the Mercedes Benz family design language in 90s, with the founder of a stable body styling so that this generation of Mercedes Benz E class car has its own unique charm. Eighth generation E level: W2112002 launched W211 models continue.相关的主题文章: