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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews In Spain, the caballero proposes marriage to his dama with that most traditional piece of diamond jewelry, the engagement ring, just as it is in most nations of the Western World. However, when Spanish ladies accept, they often seal the bargain by presenting their fiancs with diamond watches. Mens diamond watches are gifts that are at once macho, wel.e, and infinitely practical an ideal piece of diamond jewelry for the hombre who is a successful but busy empresario, and therefore must be aware of his schedule at all times. Once They Were For Ladies For all their connotations of masculinity, the first time pieces designed to be worn on the wrist were actually for women. One of the first examples was the ladies bracelet watch, sold and manufactured in the U.S. starting in around 1868. Some historians claim that womens diamond watches go back much further than that all the way to Elizabeth I of England, in fact, who received a small timepiece attached to a diamond bracelet from the Earl of Leicester, Robert Dudley (rumored to have been the Virgin Queens lover at one point). However effeminate they may have been considered, it was traditionally manly and hazardous activities that eventually brought about the existence of mens watches for the wrist. Specifically, these were deep-sea diving, aviation, and tragically, warfare. These early wrist watches for adventurous men, first appearing around 1905, were slow to catch on. However, in time the convenience of these timepieces became apparent, and mens watches jumped out the pockets and on to the wrists of men around the world. Watches as Mens Jewelry There are many options when it .es to diamond jewelry for men, including cufflinks and shirt studs for formal wear. Diamond watches are perhaps the most .mon, however. Today, the foremost designers and manufacturers of mens diamond watches are Cartiers, which is famous for other types of diamond jewelry; Citizens, a Japanese .pany; and Movado, whose minimalist designs define the term runs like a Swiss watch. Watches are possibly the most appreciated forms a diamond jewelry a man can receive, whether its for an anniversary, birthday, recognition of achievement, or expression of gratitude. It is the piece of mens jewelry that is useful as well as decorative. If youre stuck for a gift idea, consider the gift of a watch. Youll find many different designs in mens watches at better online retailers specializing in diamond jewelry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: