Qinghai 5 years instead of migrant workers wages 1 billion 767 million yuan in Beijing-dachiyouxiang

Qinghai 5 years instead of migrant workers wages 1 billion 767 million yuan – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Xining November 13th – (reporter Li Yaguang) reporter since 2011 from the human resources and Social Security Department of Qinghai province was informed that, in Qinghai province for more than 150 thousand migrant workers were owed wages recovered a total of 1 billion 767 million yuan, totaling rate reached more than 98%. Enterprises in arrears of wages of migrant workers exist for a long time, accounting for more than 70% of the Qinghai Provincial Department of human resources and social sector petition. Since 2011, Qinghai efforts to urge all types of enterprises to sign labor contracts with migrant workers to achieve employment, real name system management in the province’s 70% city state, the maximum compression space enterprise malicious wages. At the same time encourage general construction contractor hair wages of migrant workers, to avoid intermediate links. According to reports, the long-term mechanism of Qinghai also formed a joint law enforcement inspection, each batch organization housing construction, public security, industry and commerce departments supervision and rectification on the region, 5 years in 3.43 enterprises of the Communist Party of China to handle the relevant case 8170, public notification on 114 enterprises to save more problems raised in the 148 household units rectification. In addition, 5 years in Qinghai, there were 38 cases of malicious wages escape serious illegal cases, all responsibilities were transferred to judicial organs. It is understood that, in order to further enhance the efficiency of supervision and supervision, Qinghai also adhere to the implementation of the most stringent access to the qualification of construction enterprises, did not pay the deposit of migrant workers wage payment will not be issued construction permits. At present, the province has received a total of 1 billion 70 million yuan to pay the wages of the company’s margin, nearly 5 years to discuss the salary event, the number of letters and visits significantly reduced year by year.相关的主题文章: