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Qiao Renliang issued a statement: last year, suffering from depression, has improved the Sohu Qiao Renliang Qiao Renliang entertainment partners issued a statement Sohu entertainment news on the evening of 16, one is the death of Qiao Renliang, shocked the entertainment. September 17th afternoon, Qiao Renliang brokerage company said in a statement of regret, hope Qiao Renliang all the way. In addition, Qiao Renliang party propaganda staff told reporters: "our entertainment Sohu today arrived in Shanghai, forgive me are still ignorant of the state, if a friend can send him to tell all our arrangements." The following is the original statement: my dear friends, our beloved family Qiao Renliang died on the evening of September 16, 2016. Suddenly left us, for a time we can not accept, when we have to face this cruel reality, but it is difficult to use language. Over the past few years, he has been plagued by insomnia, but always optimistic and cheerful, he, accompanied by friends and family, has been active in work and life. Last year, in the heavy work, in the face of the outside world of his false reports and seriously injured words, he suffered from depression. His attitude has always been serious, strive for perfection, dragged his illness he has promised to work hard to complete, and seriously distort the facts out of his speech that he reported, misunderstood, all be suspicious of the sound caused by the invisible pressure leading to exacerbations, dark and despair once with him. This year, visit the medicine for medical, work less, on vacation, we saw him slowly with a smile, getting better. But he used the most decisive way to get rid of the pain unbearable, with the world farewell. Maybe then he wants to seek peace, and this is difficult to watch, miss, but I cried. Along the way, we love kimi…… Qiao Renliang’s farewell ceremony will be held in Shanghai, the specific time will be announced separately, love his friends, we give him the last ride.相关的主题文章: