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"The purchase of credit deal rumors caused panic buying Committee   response did not study such policies" — real estate — people.com.cn people.com.cn in Beijing in August 30, Shanghai city (Xu Qian) recently, Shanghai frequently came at the beginning of September will be the introduction of rumors, buyers credit policy adjustment yesterday, the Shanghai municipal Construction Committee made it clear that "no such policy research". Yesterday afternoon, Shanghai announced that on the recent social credit deal on the purchase of the rumors, municipal construction committee made it clear that no such research will continue to strictly enforce the policy, issued in March 25th "on the further improvement of the city’s housing market system and security system of a number of opinions" to promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market, keep the real the real estate market stable and healthy development. In addition, the Municipal Construction Committee, said today that the city’s real estate market trading volume has increased, but the normal trading order, the overall remained stable. (from "Shanghai release" WeChat public number) earlier, the Shanghai land market is the temperature trend, "the most expensive land" frequent, after Jingan ZTE the most expensive land was born, on the 24 day, just a week in August 18th, Shanghai announced the suspension of 4 land move again by the industry for the regulation of the property market speculation upgrade. August 25th, the network upload said, Shanghai is about to tighten land financing and housing loan policy in order to curb the recent overheating of the property market, including the introduction of the housing also recognized loans, restrictions on false divorce and other related initiatives. The rumors came out, many property buyers to accelerate the purchase, some real estate to intensify the opening of the Shanghai property market panic spread again, the volume showed a rapid increase trend. According to online real estate data show that last weekend, Shanghai hand housing turnover reached 2322 units, while in the day Sunday, Shanghai City real estate trading center system because of a surge in the number of buyers was paralyzed, and according to the on-site queuing purchase said the public for transfer, check the purchase needs at least 3-5 hours." In addition, from the Shanghai chain home market research data also show that last week the city’s commercial housing turnover of 555 thousand and 700 square meters, up more than $93.02% average transaction price of $43571 per square meter, up by 5.60%. Thursday, Friday day trading volume in more than 80 thousand square meters, the weekend is as high as 100 thousand square meters. Nearly 560 thousand square meters of data hit a record high, second only to this year, the new deal issued in the week when the volume of 325. According to rumors triggered panic buying, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee issued by Shanghai rumor, the industry experts believe that the "necessary": "the Construction Committee responded positively, obviously very necessary. Because after all kinds of suspicion of the policy, has made the market trading order filled with panic. From this perspective, the rumor can policy to stabilize market expectations, but also to prevent the phenomenon of selling part of the sales offices of speculation. However, it should be noted that the pressure is still relatively large price increases in Shanghai, part of the data has been more than 40 thousand yuan in the price, so the price is still needed to continue to control the housing." Although the official to be rumor, but industry experts still believe that the future of Shanghai policy more likely. Consulting with the policy research department)相关的主题文章: