Please keyboard man let alone sad Joe Chen!

Please keyboard man let alone sad Joe Chen! Text Sina column boiled entertainment eight film and television circles Qiao Renliang due to the sudden death of depression news shocked the entertainment circle, the circle of many stars and friends have sent micro-blog mourning. However, some of the stars but not because of the sound, and by various attacks. For example, Ada Choi, the micro-blog Thanksgiving birthday photos and text. Netizens scold him Qiao Renliang all died, and how to have a birthday…… Jiang Xin micro-blog is also the hardest hit. Yesterday afternoon, Jiang Xin micro-blog made their own eating noodles, at night and sent an event to participate in the activities of the results of the netizens were sprayed with no sympathy, but also eat noodles, but also self – made micro-blog. Netizens say it’s disrespectful to dead artists. Jiang Xin replied to support her friends, said: "every day to make themselves as easy as possible." There are Gloria Tang, micro-blog made a self promotional programs, users have also been attacked: "you have died in the hair of the self timer, pink to black." One of the worst hit was supposed to be Joe Chen, all the way to the top. Countless friends to Joe Chen micro-blog attack her: "a good friend passed away not to say a word?" Only 10 thousand of the comments have been piled up by a variety of comments to the 300 thousand. Last night, Joe Chen’s agent issued a micro-blog, only a simple two words distressed". Reply to the staff comments also suggested that Joe Chen had burst into tears…… There are reports that Joe Chen could not get up to makeup, two days to drink only two glasses of water. Joe Chen and Qiao Renliang seven years of friendship, because he did not stand out for him to be attacked by micro-blog. Seven years of good friends suddenly died, so how can the grief and hair micro-blog can alleviate? – my sister line — Joe Chen and Qiao Renliang met in 2010 to shoot "brilliant spring pig" when the nine sister, two people are the main men. Although the story and shape are a little ray, but it is also the beginning of the show will focus on the mainland to Joe Chen, and Qiao Renliang became a good friend. Joe Chen says Qiao Renliang is like her closest sister. Two people in 2010 when micro-blog has a variety of interactive, Qiao Renliang ridicule the role played by Joe Chen, you can join a table to play monopoly. Joe Chen’s birthday, Qiao Renliang will send gifts and blessings last year, the birthday of Joe Chen, careful to send her fancy bag of Qiao Renliang. See some funny things, Qiao Renliang will buy it for Joe Chen. More than birthdays, Christmas will be sent every year. Joe Chen said that Qiao Renliang is her "jingle Santa claus". With Qiao Renliang on the show, but also little Joe sent Tucao this top helmet like gift it is strange that Qiao Renliang said it is his own hands, Joe Chen heard, immediately put up to show you to see. Two people are so warm…… In the work of two people also support each other. Worked together to give up me seize me, and so on. Qiao Renliang bluntly starred in Fairview margin, is to help Joe Chen. Usually see Chen Qiao相关的主题文章: