Photography new artifact! Get the picture sphere s panoramic camera raised on the first day of the

Photography of the new artifact! Get the picture Sphere S panoramic camera to raise the first day of the standard – Sohu technology panorama VR photography add artifact! Recently, a flagship consumer panoramic photography VR camera in Taobao to raise public debate, the camera had appeared in this year the German IFA exhibition, Shanghai ChinaJoy, Taipei International Exhibition of computer Computex and other domestic and international large-scale exhibition, today (September 26th) officially launched to raise the public, for the broad support of photography enthusiasts! The DETU Sphere S VR is a motion panorama camera, Zhejiang Map Network Limited, with the user in the Sphere series of the first product DETU Sphere 800 based on the improvement and upgrading of generation products R & D and production parameters, aimed at the consumer level light luxury market. In addition to hardware specifications on the subversion of the past, the design is also one of the eyes. The gorgeous black body, round cut shape, stand and lie, light as an egg. During the warm-up has received a lot of attention to the shooting players. The network is headquartered in Hangzhou, with the VR content input for the entrance of the professional panorama VR shooting technology development company. Have to create a commercial and consumer level VR camera combined with cloud + end, software + hardware innovation model, providing hardware production, platform construction, industry applications and technical services, such as one-stop solution. Under the "network" to panorama and VR content platform to build the most popular. DETU Sphere S equipped with F2.0 large aperture, 360 × 236 degree panoramic fisheye lens, a single lens is on the market for more than 230 of the aircraft. The SONY 12.3 inch 12 million pixel back illuminated sensor, can shoot 4K HD panoramic photos and 2880*2160 24fps / 2560*1440 30fps / 1920*1080 30fps / 1280*720 30fps or 60fps or 60fps or 120fps panoramic video, is similar to 3K single fisheye camera rare panoramic camera. Through the "camera" APP, you can use the phone remote control panoramic camera, set parameters, shooting mode, preview screen, shooting sharing, can be completed on the phone. Sharing is the main purpose of photography, through APP, support Sphere S users a key release circle of friends, micro-blog, QQ, Facebook, YouTube and other major domestic and international social video platform. Before this campaign, "network" to production of commercial grade VR camera, panoramic VR broadcast equipment known as the people’s four commercial grade DETU F4 once daily with China journalists in the Rio Olympics, reporters went to Hangzhou with the G20 summit and other historical site, by the industry and professional the user must. Sphere S on Taobao chips route available, in addition to narrow the distance between the user and also a symbol of the "map" VR network in the field of photography to deep! DETU.相关的主题文章: