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Peugeot 4008: a Glam strength – this is not Sohu car car to ask the original share articles, from writer Charly jiang. Do not know the eve of the Guangzhou auto show on the eve of the new car is not able to win more attention, anyway Peugeot 4008 so dry. All of the price range of 185 thousand and 700 – 273 thousand and 700, equipped with PSA group 1.6THP and China special lift a 1.8T engine. After preheating for several months, the 4008 is like a red arrow on the table — after all, in recent years, it is the Dongfeng Peugeot group stumbling away, following the 308S’s failure to test the water, after 308 three car tepid, they are in urgent need of a new, lethal products to boost morale by the way, also want to make a fortune. As a result, thirst, Dongfeng Peugeot saw continued hot China SUV on the market, quickly moved to the latest European standards issued by the 3008 elongated process supplemented by Chinese characteristics – 4008 so come out. The appearance of the interior looks stunning in the first time to see the new version of the European version of the 3008, the hearts of a long time passed without feeling: "this car is really beautiful". Indeed, when it comes to French cars, you have to mention design. Although these years, the French had brought such as the Peugeot 307 car and three old Citroen C6 this kind of wonderful appearance to no friends, ergonomics is Speechless acme models, but it does not deny the innovation law car in the inside and outside the design aesthetic and unique taste and have a unique style. The French romantic sentiment and sharp sense of science and technology, the Peugeot fusion on the body is seamless, every line, every surface will be light and the convergence of the most incisive water chestnut. Although the Peugeot has called "design lionpaw + i-Cockpit appearance, but I only interior" and mass conservative this kind of boring, the Peugeot family design family, is precisely the racy sense of freedom. The appearance of full of amazing and sense of power, trance between people to bring a concept car illusion. Golden Lion clear eye headlights, grille with lattice materials from racing for victory on the chequered flag, and the protruding tusks on the bumper, brought a sense of beauty and strength of zigzag. Which side of the line, is a change in the past the Peugeot SUV looks like a top hatchback that bloated feeling. Smooth and dynamic curve, also brought the double waist suspension roof full sense of science and technology and filled with a sense of muscle. Especially the top collocation with models on huge 19 inch wheels color + color body, whether it is wandering in the lustrous and dazzling city or wheat undulating countryside, can bring the full back rate and presence. The interior design is the new 4008 masterpiece. 308S from the first generation of i-Cockpit style evolved from the new only my style interior, greatly enhance the visual impact. Follow the prescribed order the major functional areas are arranged in the driver around the combination of bright metal rod and dark liquid crystal display, to everyone.相关的主题文章: