Permanent sub chess debut Nie Weiping kija Weijia players gathered in Baoshan.-vidown

Permanent sub chess debut Nie Weiping, Weijia kija players gathered in Baoshan Yong ki (sub source: Spring City Evening News) China Secretary Yang Junan, chairman of China chess chess association Wang Runan, Nie Weiping, vice chairman of Chinese chess grandmaster China Weiqi Association general Lin Jianchao, former president Hua Yigang, the national Chinese chess chess team leader Hua Xueming, the world champion kija…… Today, many large coffee go to arrive in Baoshan, a chess opening feast. Go feast today have appeared dressed in       big coffee are coming to bring a gluttonous feast of go to Baoshan, this feast is the curtain in the morning Baoshan Weijia league team VS Hangzhou team SUPOR permanent sub events. This year, after 6 years of Yunnan Weijia, return to Baoshan, permanent sub chess team strong debut Weijia stadium, "the first world go kija served as the chief, Nie Weiping served as head coach. In the first 15 rounds of the Yunnan Weijia, Baoshan permanent sub team accumulated 25 points ranked sixth, and will be held today the start of the sixteenth round of Baoshan permanent sub cities, first return to their real home court challenge, Weijia leader SUPOR current Hangzhou team. After the start of the event today, will also have Chinese Ki – former president Hua Yigang "go – the treasure of Chinese culture lectures, grandmaster Nie Weiping and Li Ying explaining etc.. Go halfway to Baoshan after the permanent real home, the main reason is because Baoshan Yong ki just completed sub. Second days after the October 29th go, the opening ceremony will be officially permanent sub chess grandmaster and national champion, which will also provide 100 Baoshan chess enthusiasts under the guidance of chess, chess after permanent sub will be officially opened.     popularization of Baoshan to promote development of permanent sub chess chess     last week, the fourth Baoshan City Games, which, for the first time to join the chess games family, officially became the city’s comprehensive sports events. Baoshan and go has always been a very deep historical origin, with more than 500 years of history, Yong son called National treasure. How to use the brand to develop the game? In recent years, Baoshan has been exploring. Early in the second half of 2012, the municipal government decided to build a permanent sub chess high standard, carry forward the permanent sub brand, promotion of the sport. In 2013, the Municipal Sports Bureau and other departments of education began to gradually implement and push away the game, from the doll grabbed became the promotion of basic engineering. In addition, it is from the beginning of 2013, Baoshan has its own city go tournament, the school to participate in the competition, through 4 years of development, the number of participants also expanded from dozens to a total of 529 people. According to incomplete statistics, there are a total of more than 60 schools in Baoshan to promote the game of go, more than 3000 students to learn to go, has trained teachers go more than 1 thousand. From the promotion so far, 1 students – 4 Dan amateur players have more than and 200 people. At present, the game has entered the fast lane in Baoshan. Permanent sub chess opening;相关的主题文章: