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People’s daily art observation: from "Chinese" to "Chinese life" – View – comic Xu Pengfei "you desire to study poetry, time in poetry, to form a good habit of reading through the class guidance, forming a lifelong way of life, in fact, is to teach the fundamental task of Education –" a man ", which is the core content of the concept of Chinese literacy" this fall, according to the new curriculum directly organized by the Ministry of education ". The new textbooks written in the Chinese language to be put into use. After more than and 10 years of exploration, the results of the curriculum reform has finally formed. Looking back on the history of Chinese teaching reform in these years, one of the most important contents is to define the core concept of "Chinese accomplishment". What is the "Chinese accomplishment" of the curriculum standard? It means that, in the Chinese teaching should not only consider the students "reading and writing" Chinese "ability", but also will focus much more broadly, to consider, to improve literature, articles and other knowledge through language learning, and writing style, taste and personality. A large number of front-line teachers often put forward such a question: "language literacy" in teaching practice how to reflect? "Chinese course" not to teach, how to teach? In fact, this difficult it is largely because they look too focused on "Chinese course", but the real answer is, "if you desire to study poetry, time in poetry", through the course of the guidance, let the students read independently, in the class to read a lot, to feel, think, accept edification self – expression, in short, growth in the rich and colorful "Chinese life", this may be the Chinese really should look like. Unfortunately, the Chinese language, the core content of reading, which over the past ten years, the problem is becoming more and more acute. The amount of reading time and reading adolescent autonomy is difficult to guarantee the quality of reading is also worrying, fragmented, fast food reading increased, and the classic works reading, deep reading showed a landslide. We seem to be forming a generation that no longer enjoys reading and respecting the classics. The causes of this problem, it may also not Chinese teaching can resolve alone. Nevertheless, efforts to extend from the classroom to the outside, let the students not only have Chinese, more "Chinese life", is the language teaching his words. Chinese should have been able to develop students’ interest in reading, but the opposite is true. Have a pet phrase: "if a student of classical Chinese, two are afraid of writing, Zhou Shuren fears." Why in the face of the traditional culture of the essence of the classical Chinese text, contains profound thoughts and deep feelings of Lu Xun’s works, students not only lack of interest, but also feel "fear"? The reason is that the students in the classroom learning and did not appreciate the beauty of the article, when only the face is trivial analysis dismantling of scattered knowledge, how can they not "fear"? Like "from the Baicao garden to Sanwei" drama "" so full of rich lyrical beauty and famous, "Shishuoxinyu" sketch, "historical records" the wonderful narrative, if only as a training "skills" material, what a pity that! The teaching method should be changed so as not to corrupt the students’ interest in reading, and to cherish the study相关的主题文章: