Passengers on the train suddenly collapsed after the rescue of two nurses after 90 hours (Figure) –

The passengers on the train suddenly collapsed two nurses rescue one hour after 90 (Figure) – Beijing girl female passenger rescue northeast network October 9th News 5 at 11:15, K1010 passenger train from Dehui Railway Station to just Changchun direction. At this time, the train suddenly broadcast a passenger emergency emergency medical personnel to seek help broadcast. Hearing the radio, two young men and women sitting in the 15 carriages quickly got up. "I’ll go and see, you take your luggage." The boy quickly through the 10 compartment to the patient in the carriage of the 5. When an elderly woman lying on the ground, around the full train staff and passengers. This old woman just got on the train from Dehui, the car went down the way after the sudden loss of consciousness. Two young people continue to save an hour, I am in the Department of critical medicine, let me take a look at it." At this time, the conductor is Patienls Kyushin Pills, boy is afraid of patients were choking, quickly placed under the tongue with Kyushin Pills by hand, and the patients head to one side, with the hand, no exploration of carotid artery pulsation without spontaneous breathing, the pupil is not scattered, immediately carry out CPR, and said, one side conductor: "get a clothes fan, to allow air circulation." Then came the girl also put into the rescue, loose patients underwear, observation of carotid artery movement, breathing, pupil and so on. Two people continue to cardiopulmonary resuscitation, artificial respiration. At the time I just want to take the age about 70 year old old woman saved, and did not think whether she has the infectious disease, directly on the artificial breathing." The girl told reporters on the phone. At this time, more and more people around, the train is also in front of Changchun Railway Station and get in touch. 12:15, the train arrived at the Changchun Railway Station, has been more than an hour to rescue more than two young people and the conductor and the crew will be patient to the "120" ambulance personnel, and the patient was taken to an ambulance. Two people’s hospital nurse, the nearly 70 year old woman was two young man on the "120", and hurried back to the train, the passengers all thumbs up for their praise. Under the repeated questioning of the conductor Li Zhicai, two young talent that he is the Heilongjiang Hospital nurse. The boy called Wang Jinpeng, in the Department of critical care medicine, the girl called Lin Yuyang, in the peripheral vascular surgery, are 90". They went out with friends in Changchun. "I work in less than a year, but the rescue is as unalterable principles." Lin Yuyang told reporters on the phone. Lin Yuyang, after second days, she received a phone call aunt son. Although the old man on the way to the hospital has been blurred, to the hospital after the death of the rescue, but he also thanked the two on the train regardless of their own safety to save his mother’s two". In 3 minutes they rushed to the old man "broadcast just issued less than 3 minutes, the two children ran over, erhuamoyue were flat for cardiopulmonary resuscitation." 5, the same day, K1010 passenger train conductor Li Zhicai told reporters that the day of the two people to do the heart and lungs red相关的主题文章: