Park Geun hye support rate fell to 5% hit the lowest record of all South Korean President – Sohu new-haywire

Park Geun hye support rate fell to 5% and all the South Korean President – the lowest Sohu news in new network on 4 November,   according to foreign media reports, local time 4 days announced the Gallup poll, South Korean President Park Geun hye’s support rate has dropped to 5%, the lowest of all the South Korean President Ji hit a record, highlighting the cronies politics scandal the impact of. Reported that Gallup said the agency in November 1st 1005 to 3 day visit to the South Korean people, results show that the performance of the ruling 89% people involved in the investigation are not satisfied with the park. On the 24 day of the month, South Korean media exposure more than and 200 documents including 44 presidential speeches, found property disposal at Cui Shunshi Park Geun hye cronies computer office. The media pointed out that the file open time before the president’s speech, and no doubt some official appointment Cui modifying speech Shunshi. Because the South Korean presidential office in only a handful of staff have the right to review, if leakage is true, it will be with the serious nature of the "national key disturbance events". Trusted politics scandal, published on the National Park to talk at the Chong Wa Dae on October 25th, that general election and became president was part of the information asked Cui Shunshi views on this matter and apologize to all the citizens. On the 4 morning local time, Pu Jinhui once again apologized to the political cronies dry storm and national conversation. But she said in her speech will not interrupt the operation of the state.相关的主题文章: