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Parents of preschool children will experience a baptism of values – Sohu who can escape the life of the assembly line? Before you go to school, many parents remind themselves that every child is a unique flower in the garden of god. At that time, the children grow way in different poses and with different expressions. I have seen many forms of kindergarten, the idea is very advanced, but also do not let the children go to kindergarten, at home their upbringing. Oranges grow up so carefree. And her buddies, although the piano, ballet, painting, but I chose the love for her children to understand the child’s teacher, never give her qinxuekulian pressure. However, in the summer of her kindergarten ended, I saw a big orange than a year for children to go to school, go into the park, such as mechanical operation without Hugh life track. Oranges are also at this time, an international school was admitted to the school, mainly in order to enter the international school for primary school. Preschool is the whole English environment, from English to pinyin to mathematics, at a much faster pace enter the minds of young children. Oranges can’t say no to. Her work has never fallen, and it is not hard to learn. Her teacher in charge of the class is an American girl, not only has the elder sister’s affinity, but also has teacher’s strict. The orange home often with the most beautiful lines and colors, the blonde sister painted. Orange like school clean modern atmosphere, in the class also has a lot of good friends, every school is reluctant to leave immediately. Preschool second semester, we received the interview notice by the Ministry of primary school international school. Because the school spirit, conditions and reputation are good, the children also have vitality, this school is a popular choice in the area where we live. Many people in order to allow children to meet the conditions of admission, from all walks of life in Beijing moved around to live. And like oranges, studying in this school preschool, actually equivalent to get a school pass, as long as not too bad, the General Federation of the. However, the International School of academic burden than domestic public primary school is not easy. Students usually go to high school, they will choose to go abroad. Therefore, in recent years, the school especially valued the children in the international examination scores. Foreign high school admission standards, there is an increasing trend year by year. Therefore, the children attend the school, I am afraid from the beginning to face a high academic requirements. Almost at the same time, I want to interview the primary school years for outstanding graduates, is organized into a video. Because my work is "show", so I was familiar in the crowd, so also have the honor to be invited. My primary school is located in Beijing, near Chang’an Avenue, many alumni are people with a great reputation is not worth mentioning, i. Back to school to see, when my teacher, is now the school principal. With the principal and the past, I heard her say, now our school ranked second in the city, every two years will recruit a supernormal experimental class". Even the regular classes of the year, but also from thousands of children enrolled in the election of more than and 100. Even more exaggerated is that the annual primary school entrance examination.相关的主题文章: